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I can not seem to keep my iphone 4 connect to my bluetooth on sync in my Ford vehicle. Does anyone have the solution?

iOS 4, iphone 4
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    I have had the same problem since I upgraded my 3GS to iOS 4. When I got my iPhone 4 the problem continued. I've updated the firmware on SYNC and the problem continues. Would love to hear a response from Apple or anyone about this.
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    I searched the discussion at SyncMyRide.com and found that this is not an iPhone problem. It happens to most smart phones, including Blackberrys and Palm Pre. They have different solutions for each phone. The solution posted for the iPhone was to:

    Disable auto phonebook download
    Enable 911 call option

    I'll give this a try and see if it works. The guy who posted it said that it had worked for 3 days for him.

    If you want to update your phonebook you can do it manually in the same advanced menu.

    Hope this works and helps others.
  • sevomd Level 1 (5 points)
    I've had no issues with my 2010 Ford Flex Sync 3.0 with any of my 3 phones.