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I had a beautifully running MacbookPro with Windows 7 and all of the sudden I can't boot to Windows 7. I booted in safe mode and took all of the programs out of the startup and isolated it down to Bootcamp that is crashing the startup. Any ideas?


imac, Mac OS X (10.5.1)
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    No, but AppleHFS is one culprit.

    Rename AppleHFS.sys and AppleMNT.sys

    By doing the following you will disable HFS mount / read mode on windows XP, Vista, 7.

    Navigate to c:/windows/system32/drivers/AppleMNT.sys, rename the AppleMNT.sys file to something like AppleMNT_keep.sys or something of your likings.

    The faulty HFS driver is a valid concern. It seems to happen on many systems.
    You find it in Windows/system32/drivers/AppleHFS.sys

    Renaming to AppleHFS_disabled.sys will avoid the blue screens until you have found another solution or Apple updates Bootcamp 3

    After renaming both myself because they are no longer "*.sys" or something? they are gone. In my case AppleHFS prevented Windows Backup from running to end and was causing error "some files skipped" and while some might find reading convenient, I prefer Windows not have even read-only access.

    You can probably do better with MacDrive8.
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    Not exactly sure what all that means, but thank you for your time. I don't get a blue screen. It shuts off completely. Sounds to me like Apple has some work to do to fix BootCamp.

    Side note, I need to get this fixed asap. This is my work "pc" and I cannot work on the road until this is resolved.

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    No one else is having this issue? This is a major issue. This laptop worked flawlessly but now is completely dysfunctional on the Windows side.

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    Just updating the progress since I haven't seen a lot of support. I removed the Boot Camp drivers and tried to install the previous release (3.0) of Boot Camp but with no luck. Known compatibility issues created some sort of fatal error. So i removed what portion of 3.0 that did install and tried to re-install 3.1 from the snow leopard disk. Still crashing. It doesn't shut off though, it seems like it puts the laptop to sleep. But it is inaccessible.

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    Ok so I got this issue resolved in a very roundabout way. Just in case anyone is interested and you should be because this could happen to anyone, here is what I did...

    The screen was completely blacked out as I sat in front of it and I remotely accessed the windows side and could see the screen just fine. So I knew something was up. I went in to the Boot Camp control panel from the system tray and the screen brightness had been turned all the way down to 0 courtesy of my 4 year old. I adjusted it back to 100% and it works fine.

    That is a serious design flaw in the functionality of Boot Camp. An error message should pop up notifying the user that the screen brightness has been set to 0 and it should continually remind the user everytime they boot up the computer. Seems like a simple command.

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    Actually.. I also face the same problem.. I install several times my window 7 but.. if just can't start up..