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Ok... I've read through several of the 'issues' folks are having with their MBPs and charging. My mother has a brand new MBP--bought this month--September 2010, and it came with the newer L-style MagSafe charger. My husband and I, each have a one year old MBP with the older T-style MagSafe charger.

Noticing odd charging results, and what appeared to be a very shortened battery 'life,' I feared that my MBP was having some serious charging/battery issues. But, I thought I'd try some simple troubleshooting tactics before I drove 50 miles to our nearest Genius Bar. So, I plugged my charger into my MBP and a 'safe' wall outlet and watched it over several days. Here's what I've discovered so far...

The little LED indicator light on my MagSafe charger will come on Green, turn Amber, go off, come back on, etc... all the while it is sitting securely--undisturbed--at an outlet that is working properly. My MBP will announce that it is 'Not Charging,' or 'Calculating,' and/or show inconsistent time left to charge. My T-style MagSafe charger will charge when inserted only one way--top up and bottom down... I've 'marked' it so I can tell which way will work... if I insert the charger with the 'bottom' up then the little LED light does not light up at all. There are no dirty/broken/bent connectors or connections. This is not how it worked originally, and it is not how my husband's T-style MagSafe charger works currently. In fact, the charger he has works without hesitation in my MBP, regardless of which side is up or down. With no unexpected changes in the LED light or the status while it is plugged into the same outlet on the wall and the same female receiver on my MBP.

My mother's L-style charger works perfectly in my MBP also... again, regardless of whether I point the cord toward the back of the MBP or toward the front of the MBP. It lights up wonderfully and charges quickly. We also purchased *speck clear hard-shell covers to protect the outside of all three of our MBPs. My husband and I bought ours along with our MBPs last year -- and my mother purchased hers at the same time she bought her MBP this month. Oddly, the *speck cover has been modified to fit the newer MagSafe power connectors, to ensure that the cord curls behind the MBP.

So, it appears that the battery in my MBP is capable of charging and holding a charge just fine as long as I use these other chargers available to me. The obvious conclusion is that the MagSafe charger I received with my MBP is faulty. And, I also believe that this is something Apple must be aware of, since the style of the MagSafe charger -- and the *speck covers have been modified and/or redesigned.

In the following 'support' article, it seems that Apple could be admitting this possibility when they mention that the cord may be replaced whether in or out of warranty? I just thought folks should know that for some of these continuing power problems... you might want to have the MagSafe chargers checked before you decide the problem lies in the MBP?


If Apple is aware of this problem, it would be noble of them to simply admit that some of the MagSafe chargers are faulty--it happens, no big deal--and offer customers a replacement. If I had not discovered what was at the root of my problem -- and instead -- had taken my MBP in for repair, calibration, etc. and then found out that it was basically just the 'power cord' at fault... GRRRR... I would be very frustrated.

Good luck!

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    The older T-style adapters (that originally came with the non-Unibody MBPs) definitely had problems with their strain relief failing. My friend and I had to replace ours within about 3 months of buying a MBP. Apple actually kindly replaced this for me through AppleCare even before that article existed.

    My new T-style connector does not seem to be failing yet, but I have not owned the laptop for that long.

    As for your charging problem, it does sound like the MagSafe connector is faulty. However, I would bring your laptop along to the Apple Store anyways and verify that the replacement charger actually works with your laptop. While it may not appear externally there is anything wrong with the charging port on your laptop, even microns of misalignement due to various factors (Magnet strengths, manufacturing tolerances between the connector pins, etc) can potentially cause the electric flow to stop.