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martinneep Level 1 (5 points)
I have to say, this is a little ridiculous!

I had a message rule set up, so that if I received a message from someone who was not in my address book, the background colour would change to orange.

I have decided, I don't want that rule anymore and I have deleted it.

However, the formatting is still being applied to all of those messages and I can't undo it. I've tried...

-Applying Rules
-Re-adding the rule and removing the check-box
-Re-starting my system

Any other ideas, or am I going to have to delete my account and start over?
  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)
    Set up the same rule but change the color to white. Then apply the rule against the mailbox.
  • martinneep Level 1 (5 points)
    Really, and that's the only solution?

    Surely this has been overlooked!!?
  • captfred Level 7 (26,290 points)
    That's the only solution that I know of. Run the rule once, when they're all white, delete the rule.
  • smsiro Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the same problem. I initially had "If any" when I wanted "all" for the Sender and Subject. I changed it to "all" and the messages from the sender didn't change color. So I deleted the rule and all messages from that sender were still that color. This is unacceptable.
  • Jeffrey Jones2 Level 6 (8,615 points)
    A rule is simply an instruction on what to do with incoming messages. Once the rule has been applied, it plays no further role. Deleting a rule means that it will no longer be applied to future messages. If you have a rule that says "Forward all messages from this sender", all those forwarded messages won't vanish because you subsequently delete the rule. If you have a rule that says "Delete all messages with 'Rolex' in the subject line", those messages will not magically reappear if you later delete the rule. Similarly, deleting a rule that says "color the message listing" will not cause already-colored messages to lose their color.

    You can change the background color of message listings by selecting the messages and choosing *Format > Show Colors*. Choose white to remove highlighting.