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Hello. I just upgraded to an Iphone 4 yesterday and I also purchased an OtterBix case to go around it. I have noticed that even with the case my phone is constantly saying No Service or Searching. I uprgraded from a 3gs and I am in the same places that my 3gs would get signal fine. Is this a 4g network thing, an Iphone 4 thing, or is there a fix to this? Thank you for all your time and help!

Iphone 4, iOS 4
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    Just posted similar on another thread.
    This problems seems to be the same with every iPhone 4 user I know.
    Are Apple going to address this problem?
    The bumper does not do the job and I don't want an unattractive piece of rubber round my phone.
    I want the phone I shelled out £300 for - which is beautiful.
    Apple please can you talk to us about this?

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    I know they offered the otterbox case which I like it's nice and sleek and all black, but I don't know if the service thing is still the iphone 4 itself or something else, because the otterbox has a fairly thick rubber casing...
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    I just bought my iphone 4 three days ago and in some places i had service with my 3g im having problems with my iphone for it will just pop up saying searching and im like wth . I mean it started happening right after i left the store and i dont have a case yet. but it soon went back to normal so it didnt really bother me
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    Mine is doing the same thing but it hasn't gone back to normal yet. How long did it take yours?
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    Did you set-up as a new phone or did you restore from the 3gs backup?
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    it took mine like 1-2mins long that was about it. I backed mine up from my iphone 3g. But i havent really been out lately so i havent had that problem searching for service lately but then again it only happened in one area when i was out the other day
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    I had the same problems on Cyprus (holiday) and had strange behavior with "No service":
    The day of arrival my iPhone 4 picked up the signal from the local provider
    The next day (I turned the iPhone off at night) I couldn't get any connection ("No service"). I tried several things (resetting the phone, taking out SIM card etc...) but nothing worked
    A day later I tried resetting the network settings and after 10 minutes or so I had connection again. So this seemed to work.
    However, when I had No service in the days thereafter, resetting the network settings did not help
    But in the last days of our holiday, the phone connected from itself again
    Maybe it was the local network playing up, but I think that's unlikely, because my wife had reception all days with her Nokia

    Back home (Netherlands) I tried to reproduce the problem, but I always had connection. Last week I went to Germany and over there the connection was fine also.

    So I'm a bit in doubt now whether I should bring the iPhone in for service.
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    There is no fix for this problem, this problem only happesnns if you updated it to 4.0.2 or 4.1, i recently sent my iphone 4 to apple and they are repairing it at the moment.
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    My wife's iphone 4 has been doing the same thing for the past few days. I went to visit an Apple Genius and they took me through the normal procedure. Since the phone was at 4.0.1 she said the upgrade to 4.1 would fix ALL problems... not so. The upgrade did not resolve the searching... and no service issues. Here's the sad part: My wife had better service at the AT&T store. They first tried to replace the sim card and now have opened a case with Apple for a replacement phone. Going to the Apple Store to pick it up tomorrow. So if you are tired of jumping through hoops with Apple go to the AT&T store. They seem more motivated. Surprise!