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Anyone know how to remove double line spacing in Stickies please?

(and when are Apple going to improve this ancient but necessary application? Or anyone know of a free one that works better? And EVEN better, one that is on the iphone4 too? Thanks)

MacPro3,1 2.8 octo 8GB ram, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    From 10.6 Help: formatting a sticky note
    Formatting text in a sticky note

    You can change font style, size, and color by selecting the text you want to format, and then choosing the commands from the Font menu.

    Pasted text (when you choose Edit > Paste) keeps the style of the text that was copied. If you choose Edit > “Paste and Match Style,” however, the pasted text is formatted to match the style of the surrounding text in your note.

    Copying and pasting styles is another simple way to format text in your note.

    To copy and paste text styles:
    Select text that uses the style you want, and then choose Font > Copy Style.
    Only the style of the text is copied, not the text itself.

    Select the text you want to format, and then choose Font > Paste Style to apply the style.
    You can also place the cursor where you want styled text to start, choose Font > Paste Style, and then begin typing.

    EDIT: For other sticky note apps check http://macupdate.com/
    I prefer TextEdit.


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