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    As far as I can see (having contributed and followed this thread for a while now) it is not a software problem but a hardware one.


    The only 'fix' I've found that works for me (and I've tried all the suggestions here) is twisting the power cable head (the bit that connects to the phone) down a bit (so it pushes up inside the phone). So it's a hardware thing not a software thing. This seems to last the longest out of all the 'fixes' but none of the ones on this thread (and check how long this thread has been going on for, there's a few here) actually fix it permanently.


    I love apple products and use them a lot (work and home) but I am very disappointed with this issue that otherwise tarnishes a very good product.

    I would assume that ALL components on something like this would be tested to destruction, especially the one button out of only 5 physical buttons that would be used the most.......... obviously not!

  • Zare3 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Guys just to put my point of view on this :

    * The iphone home button could stop working due to two reasons :

    1- It could be a hardware problem :

    * Soak your finger with alcohol and rub your home button in a circular motion for about 10 secs ..

    * press on each side of the button for bout 20 times

    * Place your iphone on any wooden table ( make the screen face the table ) and then press against the back of your iphone gentally

    * repeat one more time

    - if this doesnt fix your home button i recommend visiting apple :)


    2- It could be a software problem :

    In that case follow the steps i wrote above and reset your iphone by pressing both your home and power button for about 15 secs till the apple logo appears

  • Zare3 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I Totally disagree with u on this :

    Apple has made the best products over the last decade from the ipod shuffle, the ipod touch , apple tv , the ipad and of course the spectacular iphone 4 ..

    Every products has its flaws of course and the home button issue isnt that common and is immediatly fixed once u pay a visit to apple and believe it or not .. They're great :)

    You're talking about a device that has the brightest, most beautiful and the most gorgeous display ..

    A device that has the most beautiful design u could have your eyes on , and yeah design does matter ..

    A device that is well built compared to other competitors such as the Galaxy S ll which will crack immediatly once it falls from sholder level unlike the iphone 4 which will hold itself together ( and i've tried it xD ) thanks to its amazing stainless steel frame :)

    So i think if ur gonna switch android you should think again ;)

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    Ahhh dude I genuinely think you work for apple. And tbh I didnt slate apple at all ive had everything from 1st gen iPod to nano and 60gb video and paid nearly £300 for it on release all of which were awesome my 3G iphone took a hammering as I work as an outdoor telecoms engineer and my 3Gs withstood my partner and my 2 year old and so far all the issues I've had with my iPhone 4 are since I took it out the box it costs me £20 in petrol each time I have to go anywhere near an apple store and the fact I was given a refurb for something i paid £429.99 for really took the P1ss


    I don't disagree that they look the business but they are getting cheaper and cheaper for apple to produce each time.


    I am not going apple again once my contract expires in a couple of months.


    Simply had a naff experience with a phone that cost half as much as my car and more than my monthly mortgage payment. Not like apple give me petrol money when I take my phone back is it?

  • magical_dazza Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    At the moment its a very love hate I have with the brand/my phone. Not particularly happy with the service I received from the "Genius" either and when I made a complaint i got pushed 10 mins in front but had already been waiting an hour and a half with my daughter.

  • Zare3 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Ok first of all i do not work for apple they just inspire me thats all :)

    And if u hadnt bought your iphone 4 what would have u bought ?? A samsung S ll ?? :S

    If u hadnt bought that ipod of yours what would have u bought ?? The Zune ?? xD

    And btw am from egypt and my iphone 4 costs 4600 over here and my fathers sallary is 2000 per month (and he's a doctor ) xD

    But i saved and i got it ........

    Know why ?? Because i think its worth it :)

    Despite all its minor flaws, i think it is the most spectacular phone ever made ( well till the 4S came out xD ) ...

    And btw i am very sorry if u experienced an unPleasant visit at the apple store it must have been a crowded day :S and Mark my words when i tell u this : " The Iphone 5 Is Going To Blow You Away ... Once You See It You'll Think Twice Before Switching Android :) "

    Because Android and Microsoft they both have something in common : " They both lack the sence of art "


  • Zare3 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    Oh and btw till your problem gets fixed i recommend Using Assistive Touch

    General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch -> On

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    I tried other tips but keeping phone on flat surface and holding Home button and turning it clockwise and anticlockwise worked for me. Actually it starts working even before just one turn.

    (Or you can hold it horizontally, turn around while holding home button LOL).

    But it still goes back to unresponsive after some time and I have to do it again!! :-(


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    Thanks Zare3!  Learned something new today!!

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    Hi All,


         I have has this issue numerous times.  It is not a software, IOS, or even an actual hardware problem.  It is a dirt/particle problem.  You have buildup around your home button, and it is hindering the push button connectivity.  Every time this has happened (and it is so, so annoying), here is how I remedied the issue;


    1. Get the smallest pin (or paperclip) you can find (but sturdy enough so that the head won't bend).
    2. Turn off the phone (or keep it on, but you might startup unwanted apps or something).
    3. Hold down the home button.
    4. While holding down the home button, insert the pin head into the rim of the home button (ever so slightly, just enough to be able to move the pin head around the rim).
    5. Move the pin around the entire rim of the home button.  (You will see that you are removing yucky buildup that has been caught in there.  (Careful with the pin, you might scratch the button, but that is not a big deal, at least to me it isn't).
    6. Wipe off the "sludge".  : D  You are done.


         That's it; your home button should work fine after this.  Please write back and tell all of us how it works.  I have to do this every few months because the buildup keeps coming back.


    Good luck, take care.

  • lucas242 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    what Can i do my Home Button works when it wants to. Can i take it to apple and they fix it for free?

  • RNPic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    It depends on if you still have some warranty on it or not. If you still have warranty or AppleCare, they will check to make sure that it doesn't function like it should and if they find that it doesn't do what it's supposed to or function as it should, they would replace the phone with a new one. My hubby took my iPhone 4 when I bought the iPhone 4S and I still had AppleCare on the i4. The home button hadn't been working properly for quite some time but we didn't live anywhere near an Apple store. So while we were in Chicago for St Patricks Day Festivities, we stopped in to the Apple store and had them check it out. Since it was still covered under AppleCare, they replaced it with a brand new iPhone 4. AppleCare is well worth the money to me to get that kind of service.

  • Mark Ng Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Main cause, dirt, high contact resistnance beneth the switch, if ur phone under warranty bring it to shop and they will change a new ones for yu,m if not under warranty they will charge you to replace a home button.


    But we all know the home button don't really get spoil, u just needa open it up, clean it, service it.


    I personally have service several of my customer iphone 4 with the home button issue and none of them need home button replacement, in fact one of the worst case i seen its damage due to liquid, n luckily for him, his phone is as good as new now.


    if you have precision contact cleaner, you can do the rubbing method which will get u a temp fix,make sure ur cleaner is plastic safe, evaporate fast and with no residue and moisture free, power off ur phone, place it flat, hold down the home button with ur finger tip n drip the cleaner on the side of the home button, try to get it in, while performing a rotating action on the home button at the same time. repeat this procedure several times, then let the content dry up (5 minute), power on and it should work as per normal now.


    or if you live in Singapore, and want my service instead, you may email me @ for appointment as i dun own a shop n am a freelancer, normally at evening time at hougang area, repair is done right in front of you, takes about 20-30 minutes and i only charge $20-25 for successful repair, no charges for unsuccessful service..


    Note: I don't do parts replacement unless you bring your own spare parts, then i shall charge a reasonable service fee.

  • brsm1990 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)

    Is there any official documentation on this issue?  The store where I bought the phone is trying to screw me because I wasn't able to duplicate the issue right in front of them (it's intermittant after all!).  I am outside of the US so I can't just take it to the apple store.  It seems like this is a very common issue.

  • RNPic Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, but you would have to take it to an Apple store. They will not do anything about it at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Best Buy, etc.....

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