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My 2010 MBP (i7 17") frequently fails to correctly display DVDs and somewhat less frequently (but still annoyingly often) crashes completely when I try to play a DVD using DVD Player.

The first problem manifests when I insert a DVD and it begins displaying a garbled screen full of square artifacts such that the picture is unrecognizable.

The second, which may follow the first or may happen with no prior symptom, is that while playing a DVD (sometimes successfully for quite some time first, with no other apps running), it will go to the dark gray "you need to power off your computer" message screen. Are other folks seeing this? The garbled screen and artifacts are starting to make me wonder if these are symptoms of a defective video card. I've experienced it with numerous different DVDs, and over several OS X versions.

MacBook Pro 2010 - 17" i7, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 8GB RAM/512 SSD