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I have some clients who request read receipts when sending me emails and although i have turned the automatic response off from Outlook client when i open the mail on my iPhone it will automatically send a notification to the user. I understand that the outlook configuration has no bearing on the iPhone behaviour but i cannot see the option to disable this function when viewing new emails from the handset?

Is this possible via the native email client or could anyone recommend a 3rd party app which will allow push functionality when connecting to a Microsoft exchange server?

Thanks Chris

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    There is no such option available on the iPhone and no 3rd party app can provide this option since no 3rd party app has access to private iPhone APIs and such an option would require that.

    Push access for received messages is supported with an Exchange account accessed via ActiveSync. Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol is what allows/provides for this which Apple has licensed from Microsoft for use with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and with the Mail.app, Address Book, and iCal on a Mac running Snow Leopard - Apple's current OS X version.
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    I found this solution:
    on exchange server you must turn on which domain sould not send an read receipt.

    this link help - methode 2 -

    For IIS 6.0 you need ResourceKit from MS.