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Sorry, I know this is probably not the correct forum but I'm not quite sure where to post.

I've downloaded eReader Pro 2.7f. I want to read eBooks on my Mac--not on any other gizmo. The eReader site says you can do that. However, when I try to read a .pdb book it tells me I need to download version 2.7.1., which does not exist. There are numerous posts to this effect all over the web and so far I've seen no help from anyone, except to say use different software.

So my quesion(s) is/are: Is there any version of eReader that will allow you to read books on your mac?
If not, what is a good eBook reader for OS X (10.4.11)?

thanks for any help you can give,


PowerBook G4 Pismo 550 Mhz, 100 GB HDD/7200, 1 GB RAM, OS 10.4.11, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PowerBook G4 12" Superdrive w OS 10.4.10