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    After reading all this and seeing my Sony Grand Wega do the same thing as everyone else's, I think the problem is that the ATV2 must handshake with another HDMI device (switch box, receiver or TV) in order to output 720p, otherwise it outputs 480. Call it a "safe mode". This is something that should be a simple software fix. Will Apple fix it? Maybe in the first iOS update, the one that enables Apps? Don't hold your breath.

    Mine is going into the bedroom where I have a newer TV. I will have to put my old Mac Mini back where it was.
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    As Ben mentions, the PS3 plug is not an HDMI plug; it is the proprietary PS3 AV out (the PS3 does have a separate HDMI port though). I noticed this when I went to pick up the part from Best Buy and did not purchase.

    I ended up ordering an HDMI to component cable online and it showed up the other day. No luck. I repeat: it does NOT work. I get no picture or no signal. The cable was a little hard to find, which lead me to be skeptical in the first place.

    I have decided to keep it as the picture is very watchable. I don't anticipate buying a new TV anytime soon as my TV's work perfectly fine. I hope enough people make noise about this issue to prompt them to add a resolution setting.
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    The monoprice switcher also corrected my issue:

    I have a Sony KF-50WE610. I actually needed a switcher anyway, so it all worked out. The picture is not perfect, the switcher corrected 95% of the wobbles (acceptable for now)...

    As has been stated, the powered switcher must step up or down the signal to some extent to make it palatable for the older DVI port. The picture is 720 P

    Good luck to you all!

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    AppleTVguy wrote:
    JustReel Films wrote:
    I just bought this HDMI switcher you mentioned. I will confirm if it works or not once I received it.

    I'm very interested in your results. I have a hard time believing this switcher solves the problem, but I read an article recently that suggests the ATV2 is sending a higher bandwidth HDMI signal that older TVs can't handle. Maybe this switcher reduces that signal down to what an old TV needs to make it work.

    Here is the article:

    I just got the Monoprice's HDMI converter unit today and I can confirm IT WORKS on my Sony 42" HDTV KDF-42WE655 using HDMI to DVI cable. There was a tiny little problem when you first connect it; the image is washed out pink. So I unplugged ATV2's power cable and waited a minute plugged it back and it went to the proper resolution. To get rid of the pink image, I hold Center+Right button for 7 seconds which should reset the settings. ( I guess it needed to erase and configure itself to the converter.

    I am happy with the results and I can definitely see the difference between SD and HD quality that I was missing out. There are no wobbly lines.

    Should I've known this HDMI converter, I wouldn't had to buy a $30 optical to stereo converter + $20 dealextreme's HDMI converter. Monoprice's combines everything to one device for about $40 bucks!

    I definitely recommend getting this if anyone is having problems.
    -Justreel Films


    Update: It seems the pink image issue appears again when you wake up the ATV. Selecting 2CH/5.1CH will make it disappear. A little annoying but thats the only way to get rid of it as it refreshes the converter some how.

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    I assume your Sony gets 720p? My Toshiba is either 480 or 1080 with no 720 so I have totally given up on ATV2 (not interested in the bearable wobblies--I may just go for a Boxee Box depending on how the reviews go). If I'm wrong about this decision and my Toshiba can somehow be made to work, somebody PLEASE TELL ME. Thanks.
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    The monoprice splitter did not give me any signal for my Samsung dvi tv that does not do 720 (only 480 or 1080).

    The only way it will work for me if I get a new tv.
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    I have a receiver that accepts multiple HDMI inputs and then outputs to its single HDMI out which I have connected an HDMI->DVI cable into my Sony KDF-60XBR950 TV and I also experience the wavy lines. I also have the problem if I bypass the receiver and connect the ATV2 to my TV using the HDMI->DVI cable.

    After reading this forum I purchased the Monoprice HDX-401E switcher and inserted it in between the ATV2 and my receiver, and it fixes the wavy lines problem.

    However, for it to work, I must initially do the following:

    1. Turn off the receiver
    2. Turn on the Monoprice switch
    3. Unplug and the plug in the ATV2
    4. Wait for the ATV2 to power up completely.
    5. Turn on my receiver

    If I don't follow those steps, I get the wavy lines again. I think what happens in the above steps is that the ATV2 handshakes with the Monoprice to 720p. Then when I turn on the receiver it handshakes with the Monoprice at 720p and everything is happy. If the receiver is on when I plug in the ATV2, I think the Monoprice lets the endpoints handshake, and for whatever reason that must result in something other than 720p.

    Also, I have turned off sleep in the settings of the ATV2 so that it never tries to re-handshake. In theory, this should mean I don't have to follow the above steps very often.
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    Same wobble issues for me. . .I even googled the word "wobble apple tv 2" to find this thread.

    I used an HDMI to DVI cord and tried an adapter. . .same thing

    I am considering the monoprice switcher that is mentioned above but am wondering if it will work on my 53 inch panasonic rear projection tv. The tv is 1080i and the switcher would be needed to output the sound to my older tv RCA connections as well. Does the switcher work well for the sound???? Can someone confirm?

    Can anyone confirm if using the HDMI to DVI and seperately running the optical to a 5 channel surround gives them good 5.1 sound with no delay against the picture?????

    I am in Canada and testing this Monoprice box will cost $100 with Shipping and Handling. . .

    Ideas? Should I wait for a firmware fix?
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    I had the same wobbly picture issue via HDMI-DVI on my Sony 50" plasma (model KDE50XBR950, manufactured late 2004).

    Direct ATV to TV via several HDMI-DVI cables failed to solve the problem.

    The first two HDMI switches I used also failed to resolve the issue(first was a Belkin, the original switch, which supported Apple TV 1st gen, Xbox 360, PS3 & TiVo boxes without any problems; and then an Accell K072C-005B UltraAV 4x1 HDMI 1.3 Switch, same issue).

    However, the Monoprice switch suggestion was a great one, as I just got it a few minutes ago and it worked fine, provided the Apple TV and TV are both powered down, then the Apple TV powers on first, followed by the TV. Picture is crystal clear now.
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    Thanks for the added input! I ordered one today. I am looking forward to this problem going away hopefully as I don't want to replace my rear projection 53 inch Panasonic tv (because it is a great tv) but I need Appletv2 to work on it because once it does work I am cancelling my cable subscription for good (saving $40 as month).
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    "Can anyone confirm if using the HDMI to DVI and seperately running the optical to a 5 channel surround gives them good 5.1 sound with no delay against the picture?”

    I have that setup (HDMI->DVI and separate optical audio) and it works fine. I have not noticed any delay.
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    I had no problems with audio sync using optical out through a Digital to Analog converter. Just the crazy wobbles.
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    I should be getting the monoprice switcher today and will confirm here if it works. I also plan to use the audio jack and convert it to RCA into red and white on the tv. . .so I will let you know if that works and if there are any syncing issues there (via netflix etc.). If there are issues I will buy a 5.1 surround sound system to augment the current setup--provided the monoprice switcher works (read fingers crossed tightly here).

    Question is. . .if it does work will future software updates screw the picture back up to being wobbly? lol. Good thing I am buying 2 apple tv's. . .one for use upstairs. . .I can test software updates on the one upstairs (it is a newer tv with HDMI input) and then see if it has any unusual effect after being passed through the switcher for the old tv.
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    The jury is in. . .it didn't work I am out $75 and still without a picture. I get sound and no wobbly picture even. . .sigh. . .I will likely forget about Apple tv or buy a new TV.

    Tried everything. . .multiple plugging and unplugging and software restore on the Appletv2.

    This ***** bigtime!
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