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I often pay bills online with secure sites, but today I was unable to complete any of those actions. The problem was that I could not produce the desired action when I clicked on action buttons (associated with secure emails in a list), such as SEND or REPLY. The problem was highlighted by red text notes telling me I should have used the onscreen buttons rather than my browser's arrow keys. Obviously, that's exactly what I was doing. It never cleared itself, even with a Reset Safari or Empty Cache. I did not have any of these problems before the recent upgrade to Safari 5.0.2.

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iMac Intel Core 2 Duo, 3.33 GHz, 1 TB, 8 GB memory, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPhoto 8.1.1, Safari 5.0.2, iTunes 9.2.1, iChat 5.0.1
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    Quit Safari.

    Open a Finder window select your Home Folder in the Sidebar on the left. Then open the Library folder, then the Caches folder, then the com.apple.Safari folder.

    Move the cache.db file from the com.apple.Safari folder to the Trash.

    Relaunch Safari. See if that made a difference.

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    No, ma'am. It made no difference whatsoever.
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    Carolyn, or others, are there any other suggestions to try?
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    Safari Preferences/Security - are the top 4 buttons ticked?

    You should also:

    Update to 10.6.4

    Close Safari and delete its plist file: Home/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Safari.plist

    Restart your Mac and repair permissions.

    Post back with results!
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    I have all the top 4 buttons ticked.
    I had already updated OSX to 10.6.4, but confirmed it.
    I deleted the com.apple.Safari.plist file.
    I restarted and repaired permissions using Disk Utility.
    RESULTS: No differences in what the Disk Utility usually shows for repaired preferences.
    No beneficial change to the use of a secure site, in that the same error message appears when I try to reply to a secure email: +*We're sorry, browser navigation controls (such as the Back and Forward button, Refresh and Bookmarks) don't work on this page. To ensure none of the data you enter is lost or misapplied, please use a button or link on the page instead. (2:101)*+

    What is clear to me is that I have used this and related secure sites many times to pay insurance premiums and for other purchases, but I have been completely unable since I installed the upgrade to Safari 5.0.2. I think the linkage to this Safari change is clear.
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    Well, what that tells me is that they have failed to update their website to comply with the standards of Safari 5.0.2.

    They need to read this:

    "Safari is one of the most standards-compliant browsers ever built. Thus, your best bet for ensuring your pages render properly in Safari — today’s version and beyond — is to follow web standards. For a great overview of web standards, check out Mozilla.org’s article Using Web Standards in Your Web Pages."

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    That certainly could be true,...I guess. I did use Firefox 3.6.10 to accomplish what I needed with these secure sites without experiencing any of the same problems. So, it almost sounds like you have to *drink the kool aid* to believe it is the web sites themselves. I had this problem with more than one web site; as, I was in the process of paying four monthly bills online on different web sites. At least three of them were secure sites, and Safari would not work on any of the three web sites...I am pretty sure they were the secure ones. It also appears possible that to the degree that Safari is NOT standards-compliant, some fault in systems engineering might be preventing its ability to work with secure sites. I did encourage, through an independent email, one web master to investigate with Apple why his web site/Safari interface was not working. So, he might take you up on your advice to become more standards-compliant if it applies. I'm still in need of a fix that I can really use.

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    This seemed to be answered by someone convinced nothing could possibly be wrong with the Safari 5.02, even when all the evidence pointed that way. I grew tired of waiting for help.