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Well, the topic says it all, really. Is there a way to read and send text messages (SMS) from a PC through the iPhone, just by having it connected to the PC with a USB cable? I can send text messages using other channels than through the iPhone, but then I lose the message flow.

Closest thing I've found is http://www.macmedianet.com/smsclient.htm, but that's only for Mac.

PC, iOS 4
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    I think this might be what your looking for


    Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    You're right - that application works for sending SMS from my computer. But it was a great deal more cumbersome than I'd hoped, I'm afraid, with having restart the Remote SMS after reading the received SMS, and having to paste in and send manually on the iPhone when I send from the PC.

    What I'd like is to see the SMS tree on he PC, like on the iPhone screen, and for the SMS messages to be sent immediately when I press send, without having to fiddle with the iPhone. Thinking about it, I think perhaps Veency would be my best bet. But since I've got iOS4.1, I'll have to wait a little while, still.