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I have an 8 month old mbp that I love using. It was my first mac product and has been great. Recently, I have noticed that my eyes fatigue much faster using it (and the glossy screen) than any opther computer at home or the office. I am wondering if it is possible to have the display swapped out to the matte finish in the hopes that it will be a bit easier on the eyes. I've been reading through several threads where it is a known "issue", but I am unsure of how to resolve it and hope that the display switch might be the answer....

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    It would be far simpler and up to $1000 less expensive to apply a nonglare film to your current display, and see how satisfactory it proved to be over a period of several weeks. If it didn't suffice, you could either try another film or have an authorized service provider replace your display. For my part, I would want to try several different films, at perhaps $50 apiece, before laying out half the cost of a brand new machine to get a nonglare display.
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    www.powerbookmedic.com lists the LCD's themselves at about $200 USD (they list both low and hi-res, and both glossy and matte, all for the same price). If you are just replacing the screen (ie. don't break any hinges, cables etc during the process) this is all you'd need.

    I have no idea what doing this yourself would do to your warranty (I'd imagine it would void it, unless done by an Apple authorized repair center, in which case you'd have labor costs too).
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    You have the display I want and I have the Matte....wanna switch?