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I am experiencing strange behavior with my iTunes 10. After adding an album through File -> Add to Library, the album files get copied into my iTunes Music folder, but the songs do not show up in the Music Library. I tried sanitizing the MP3 using MP3 Scan and Recover software, to no avail. If I double-click any of the songs in Finder, they open in iTunes and start playing, but the song is still not present in the Music Library.

I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how to solve this issue. Thanks.


MacBook Pro 2007, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • DustinDahlberg Level 1 Level 1
    I have been having a similar problem. The music shows up in the recently added playlist, but won't show up in my library. Any help would be fantastic.
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    I'm having the same problem. A recently added album shows in my Recently Added playlist, but not in my Music Library. I cannot find the songs via Search in iTunes.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Same problem here. No problem with music added at the end of November but everything added since then is only visible in the recently added folder and not in the main library.
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    Happens to me too!
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    nivy wrote:
    Same problem here. No problem with music added at the end of November but everything added since then is only visible in the recently added folder and not in the main library.

    It is probably in the main library, just not where you expect it. If you can see it in *Recently Added* then right/option/cmd click on it for a context menu and then select *Show in Playlist > Music*. This should switch your view to the location of the file.

    See Missing Artist or Album not with others by same artist for more info.

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    Found a quick fix: try downloaing the single of the week or another freebie from iTunes and see if your songs show up afterwards. Worked for me!
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    I saw that my library contained only maybe 1/10th of my 4,000+ MP3s from my Itunes library. Where's my Beatles, where's my Led Zeppelin?!


    I tried the advice above -- what did I have to lose? -- and downloaded a free single of the week (just Googled "+free single of the week itunes").  I then played a few seconds of it and then voila, the remaining 3,000+ songs reappeared in my library.


    I don't know what was wrong or why it was wrong but this certainly took care of things and only took literally 60 seconds of my time.  I highly recommend everybody else WRITE THIS DOWN or put it somewhere so if this ever happens again you'll know what to do. Thanks rrroach!!!

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    i also had the same problem as well and searched around a bit and found nothing so i decided to try and figure it out myself and all i did was open up itunes and clicked on music under library and a little what looks like a reverse play button on the bottom right of the itunes page. i clicked it a couple times then clicked somewhere else like recently played and went back and it was all there. hope this helps!

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    This worked for me too.

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    The dowloading the free song also worked for me as well I was just missing two CDs that I had added to my library via the  "file>add to library" route I've done this dozens of times and this time they only showed up in the recently added smart playlist.

  • Vivek M. Chawla Level 1 Level 1

    RRoach's quick fix worked like a charm!  Thank you very much!

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    Hope this solution helps:

    What i did was add the mp3 again (a copy for example: Song(1) ) then i checked Recently Added and i had the song that won't show up in main library along with the copy and i deleted the copy and there. I think they both have to have the same info for it to work. People said this was a bug where the song failed to appear on Itunes library but still appeared on Recently Added.

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    I switched over from a PC to the iMac (the pc died).  I added my songs to iTunes and they will show if I look under Recently Added (under Playlists) but not in Music under Library.  Many of them are in the apple format.  Like others, if I double-click on them in Finder they will play (they are located in the iTunes Media folder).  If I select them from Recently Added they will play.


    I tried downloading the free single but that has not fixed it.


    Update - another post said to control click a song while in Recently Added and select Show in Playlist - Music.  I did that and now it looks like everything I recently added is showing up in the Library.  Yeah!

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    I was having the same problem and found that downloading the single of the week worked. It also worked in confirming my suspicion that Apple is a scam company. This little glitch isn't a real problem. It's something that I can guarentee will happen for time to time to ensure that a certain up and coming artist gets some false recognition. This is a concocked "problem" made to advertise music or what have you; to get you in the itunes store in hopes that something will catch your eye and you'll buy it. *scoffs* Apple doesn't fool me.