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I had 2 gmail addresses.
about 3 weeks ago mac mail decided to always send email from both addresses as if they originated from only one address.
I did not solve this problem.
For non related reasons, I got another gmail address.
The same thing started happening.
I now had 3 gmail addresses, but recipients were receiving all email from only one address.
I went to email preferences and started exploring and experimenting.
I was able to reconfigure so that the new gmail address sends from its proper smtp address.
However, there is nothing I can do to get my second email address to send from its proper smtp.
For some inexplicable reason the dialogue box beside "Outgoing Mail Serve (SMTP): tells me that smpt server is offline.
I have no idea how to get it back online.
(In the server editor, there is one more gmail smtp server than I need, 4 instead of 3 and 2 are offline - one just went off tonight)
All relevant mail boxes are online.
Does anyone know anything about this problem?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I solved the problem.
    For some reason (I think after a Firefox update) the passwords in the mac mail got altered.

    To find the passwords go to:
    preference - accounts - account information . The password is the gmail password.

    When all passwords were corrected, the smtp.gmail server went back online.

    N.B. if you have more than one gmail account, you must use different passwords for each one or mac mail and gmail get confused.

    If anyone else has smtp server problems, this may be a place to look for a solution.