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  • Dustin Krysak Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)

    Good point, however I have 20 messages in my mailbox. :)

  • Ramonago Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Thank you! It worked. Now if someone could help me figure out why my mail stopped working in the first place.  I have spent many hours over the last two weeks trying to get my email back!  I keep getting error messages that indicate the problems with the SSL, my username and password, ad nauseum.  I have used the mail preferences, connection doctor, anything that can be done.  I suspect that the problem exists between yahoo and Mac.  Thoughts?

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    Thank you a lot. This is the RIGHT solution for that problem.

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    That's what I'd suspect as well - a glitch between Yahoo and Apple Mail. Or even more likely, a glitch in the Yahoo mail server. The SSL settings can be tricky. Some serves balk - others don't. I had a nightmarish time trying to coordinate a friend's "rocketmail" account (a subset of Yahoo, I believe) with Apple Mail. Finally I created a Gmail account and washed my hands of it.


    You have an Apple ID, right? I'd create a "" mali account based upon your Apple ID. I've had a "" and/or "" for well over a decade and I've had very few issues. That's my paltry two cents. :-)

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    Hi!  I'm having a similar situation as most on this list.  Happened out of nowhere yesterday.  I'm not receiving new messages (from Yahoo) on my Apple Mail eventhough the status bar shows that it's downloading the incoming messages -- and yet no new messages appear.  I too have the major concern of wiping out the emails that are in my inbox since all are not saved on the Yahoo server -- when I looked up the Rebuild Mailbox help article it said that rebuilding the mailbox would clear out the messages and redownload them from the mail server.  On my mail inbox I have messages from 2011 whereas on the server I only have messages from Nov 2012, and need to keep those emails from 2011.  Is there a solution that would help me avoid clearing out my inbox?  Although I'm pretty tech-savvy, clearly spelled out steps are hugely helpful!   Thanks!

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    SO, have you checked that your server inbox has not reached its maximum capacity?

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    On your Mail application go to inbox and click on the mail account icon while pressing the control key. A pop-up menu shows up and select at the bottom "Get Account Info". A window shows up. Select the file "sender unknown" or "unkown sender" and remove it from the server using the button at bottom on the right side of that window. Then close the window and cick the icon to get new emails. All the remaining email on the server will be moved to your Mac email account.

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    My thought exactly.Check your storage quota.


    jkrosado, how many files do you have in your Yahoo Inbox? If you have mail going back to 2011, I suspect it's quite a bit of data. A large Inbox often equals trouble. Mail servers are not ideal places to "store" data.


    Suggestion: View all the emails you wish to save in Apple Mail, or other email client, and drag them into a folder on your desktop, thus saving them on your hard drive. You can always use a Spotlight word search if there's an email you wish to reference. There are other solutions, but this one is easy.

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    Hi, Puli0003.  Thanks for your reply -- this is guaranteed to not wipe out my emails that are on Apple Mail?


    Also, Charles Long, i tried dragging and dropping and it doesn't seem to be possible?  I don't think I have too many emails on the server -- I just cleared out a lot of emails (about 15K -- I know, ridicuous!) and still no emails are coming through...?



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    It WON'T delete all your emails. It will delete from the server the one that you selected. You need to delete the email From: Sender Unknown.


    The email does not show on the webmail. But it does on the account info.





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    Thank you so much!! It worked and saved my emails - I also cleaned up a lot of my emails too. Appreciate all your help.

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    This is sounding more and more like a Yahoo glitch. To toubleshoot the issue, use another email client/app (there are free ones available) and see if the problem persists. That will tell you a lot. If the symptoms are identical in both apps, you know the issue is likely with Yahoo.


    Also, if the drag & drop method doesn't work, you can select mulitple emails in Apple Mail and use the "Save As" command to save one large file to your hard drive. This is kind of a pain, but Spotlight will find keywords in essential files and at least you haven't lost all the data.


    In future, try to purge all your Incoming mail folders regularly and save important email to "On My (Your) Mac" in a "Saved" folder, or by project/subject. Good luck. Let me know what transpires.

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    Ran the account info as puli0003 suggested and even without finding a sender unknown message this sorted the problem. New messages which had been refusing to appear in the inbox finally were shown after 3 days of no email being visible despite the mail activity box showing the new messages downloading. It took a couple of hours for the "messages on server" box to populate with all my yahoo emails from as far back as 2010 but this seemed to sort things out.

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    I just started seeing the same thing.  My Apple application has an IMAP account set up for a GMail account.  In the global inbox at the top, an email I received just now doesn't show up in the global inbox.  But Apple Mail does show it in the IMAP inbox of the GMail account.  I have to scroll down the pane of inboxes to see it.


    I'm not comfortabile using the process to rebuild my inbox as a standard resolution to this kind of thing. 


    @Apple - please fix.



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    Have courage. The rebuild is a simple process, and I've never lost data. As long as you have a Time Machine backup you're in good shape. If you don't have a Time Machine backup, this is good motivation to do so. It's worth its weight in gold.