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    Hi mobilemobster, I shared your same concerns and (no offense, Charles Long), but I went with puli0003 and it totally worked without doing anything to my actual mailbox - just deletes the messages that seem to be keeping the rest of your mail from coming in. Highly recommend...

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    I have done all these things and it keeps happening. Even within an hour of fixing it. Apple needs to address this NOW!

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    Hi BBCarmi,


    It sounds like you might have a larger underlying issue. Are you having issues with any other app/s? Are you running the latest version of Mountain Lion? Have you reparied your disk permissons lately?

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    Apart from this computer launching every program I had running the previous day, unprompted, no.


    I have performed the work arounds, rebuilt the mailboxes, restarted Mail, restarted the computer. Run disk utility. But still have intermittant issues with the mail not displaying in the view window. I can double click on the mail in the list and it will open the email in another window, but this is not how Steve Jobs intended Mail to work, unless you wanted it to.


    Something new is happening and I would like to see it fixed.


    Thanks for your advice!

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    Hmmmm. If none of the workarounds have fixed it permantely, I'd seriously consider a reinstall and certainly an OS Update to 10.8.4. (There are lots of little fixes in every update.) Then I'd dig around in the Library and System folders and remove any old artifacts from any pervious OSs in the Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail folder.


    I still suspect it may be a deeper issue. I had bugs in both Lion and Mountain Lion until I removed all the old PowerPC apps that were not "Universal" or "intel." You can determine this by going to "About This Mac" under your Apple Menu, choose "More Info" and then choose "System Report." In the left column, under Software, choose "Applications." Go thourgh each one to determine that "Kind" is either "Universal" or "intel." If it's not, use Spotlight to find and delete it. Warning  - If you're using older software, this action is likely to disable some of it.


    I know all this is a hassle, but it's better than doing a clean install, as far as I'm concerned. Good luck. :-)

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    similar issues and more than i can figure out:


    have 2 gmail accounts, one using my domain as the subaccount. i am able to send (swoosh) from my macbook, but the gmail email ends up nowhere, but does land on the gmail server as SENT mail, not in my inbox. on my mac it shows tha tit was sent in my sent folder, but WHERE did this email land? i've tried enabling/disabling POP (it's an IMAP acct.), no filters. have rebulit mailbox. nothing.


    as well, the google mail interface ***** and is awkward. my mail lands in ALL mail, not the inbox, and i'm unsure how to change that. settings doesn't seem to have an option for incoming mail landing in the INbox.

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    Charles, I have spent a couple of hours searching for a way to correct this and I can't thank you enough!

    Your response a couple of years ago still works!


    Thank you!!!

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    Dear Ganorime, I'm delighted it worked for you. There's little worse than an email glitch.

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    Thank you puli003... I have been trying to fix my emails for days... Apple Support couldn't even help.  My mail activity box was showing mail downloading but no appearance in my inbox.  Went to the "Get Account Info" and sure enough the "unkown sender" was there.. As soon as I removed it from the server all my emails loaded into the inbox... Again thanks for posting...

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    This had been driving me nuts (some emails not displaying in my inbox). Clicked "Get Info" as outlined above and they showed up. Thanks!

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    I was having this same issue on my iMac, OS Mtn. Lion, and iPhone. Turns out, with the help of some of the info in this thread, I discovered I had an email in my inbox on my mail server with a back slash in the subject line. It was not coming into my inbox and keeping all other emails after it from coming through. Used the "Get Info," deleted the offending email, and all of my messages came in. Thanks to all for the suggestions.

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    I have been having the same problem usig MacMail.  I got so frustrated that I decided to use Airmail.  I have not had any problems with Airmail.  But, going back to MacMail, the only way for me to get new messages is to close MacMail and reopen it.  The problem is that not getting new mail happens so sporadically that I can't seem to find out what the problem is.  It will happen sometimes at home but not other times; sometimes at the university where I teach but not other times and sometimes at my office but not other times.  I use two gmail accounts and one exchange account.  When this problem does happen, it affects all three accounts at the same time.  Oh, and this started when I upgraded to Marvericks.  I have the most recent versions of both the mail and Mavericks.   Very strange.

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    Dear Ronroyer,


    Since I haven't upgraded to Mavericks (10.9) yet, I can only be of limited help.


    You mention multiple locations, but not multiple computers. Are all of these issues occurring on one computer? The fact that it sometime affects all your email accounts at the same time leads me to believe that there's an issues in your Apple Mail preferences. You can try going into your library and removing "MailAccount.plist." Keep the file on your desktop. Don't delete it.


    Note: you may have to use the following info to make your library visible. < -visible>


    Here's the path:


    YourAccount/library/ApplicationSupport/Mail/OnlineAccountTypes/ .mailaccounts/MailAccounts.plist



    After removing the file, restart your computer and launch Apple Mail. It should rebuild the "MailAccounts.plist" file. If not, you still have it on your desktop. Experiment with Mail for a while and see if the problem persists.


    Good luck.

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    THanks I will give it a try.  I typically use my Macbook for everything and iMac only occasionally.  It doesn't really happen at the same time.  It is more sporadic.

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    Hey Ron - About 3 weeks ago I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Apple Support about this issue because it is also sporadic on my new MBP that came pre-installed with Mavericks i.e 'Get Info' generally does still work but then I can miss mail for several hours before it appears in my inbox. On my iPad and iPhone there are NO such issues (mail appears when it is sent). The end result was that the Apple Support guys said that apparently it's mainly an issue with users with multiple Gmail accounts and/or with large amount of emails (10,000+). Apple know about it and are working on the fix and I for one can't wait until that happens to get back to the way it was.