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We currently have one iPhone 4 and one iPhone 3GS and purchased both in the US where we have service through AT&T. The phones are obviously locked to AT&T's network.

I would like to purchase an iPhone 4 in Canada where I understand they are or can be purchased unlocked.

The goal is that the user of the locked iPhone 4 will replace it with the unlocked iPhone 4 and the user of the 3GS will replace it with the existing locked iPhone 4.

The reason I want an unlocked phone is so I can purchase inexpensive SIMs to use while visiting Europe. I know this is possible because a Canadian friend whom I was with in Amsterdam did it.

My thinking is that all I need to do is buy the new phone in Canada and then move the SIM card from the old iPhone 4 to the new one and then move the SIM card from the 3GS to the old iPhone 4.

Will this work? Or do I need to visit my local AT&T store and have them move our accounts around on the phones?

Thank you.

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