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i set up a new laptop on my wireless router at home and had to change the security key. Now my wifi doesnt connect becuase the IP Address keeps changing in the DHCP section. Ive tried entering it in Static but everytime i go out of it, it changes back to the old code in DHCP.

My dad has an iPhone and his is still working fine but it has a different IP Address under DHCP and none in static, so that's the code ive been trying to enter into static on mine. Sometimes it shows a code under DHCP but its still different to his.

When i go out of the wifi section in settings the wifi symbol on the top of the screen disspears, then comes back. But when im signing into my msn app is dissapears half-way through login and uses my credit. (i'm on pre-paid)
I've tried restoring to factory settings and restoring network settings 3 times.

is there a way i can fix all this? Thanks

Windows Vista
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    Once you set a static IP address do not change the tab to DHCP. Once you change to the DHCP tab your iPhone will revert to DHCP. Also make sure your wireless router excludes the range of IP address you assign as static IP addresses. For example if you assign a statis IP address of, your router DHCP range may look like to Note that the internal IP address of your router is also excluded and in this example would be Also do not assign the same IP address to two or more devices. In the above example if you wanted to assigns another iPhone a static IP address you might choose

    Hope this helps.