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My app store app is malfunctioning. When ever I bring it up the part of the screen where the available apps would be shown is blank. The featured, categories, search, etc. Icons are still there on the black border on the bottom of the screen. The App Store title is still at the top. The rest of the app shows a blank screen in every function of the app except updates. The update function still works fine.
I have already, reset my settings, turned the iPad on and off, performed a hard reset. I have even restored the device to original factory settings using iTunes. Even restored to original settings with no apps, music, videos, or anything else on board the app store still shows a blank screen. I called Apple. They have no idea what's wrong.
Everything else on the device works fine.
Anybody else having this issue?

Ipad, Windows 7
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    It may be a temporary issue with the App store, (which is a web service). Are you connecting using Wifi or 3G? Does this happen often, or is this something you've just experienced today?
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    Try Disk Cleanup. Start / Programs / Accessories / System Files / Disk Cleanup

    Restart your computer. Connect your iPad, launch iTunes. Try accessing the app store.

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    They are having problems with the app store and iTunes just be patiant and all will return to normal shortly
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    READ vizzuleyes' post on main forum page.
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    What problems? Do you have a cite for this information?

    And what post on what "main page"
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    Hi, I'm having the same issue. Did you found out what was wrong?
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    Good morning "zanimationz",

    I was getting acquainted to the forums here and reading your question, I would like to delicately point out that yours is from today, 2011-02-05, but the thread is from October 2010. However, I've just accessed the App store myself (I'm in Québec, Canada) and it works. On the other hand, I've just read the revised policies from Apple, and they imply we can't use the App Store service OUTSIDE our country of residence, and that we allow them to use technologies to verify this. Clicking "I Accept" would likely result in them activating these "technologies". If the technologies in question aren't working well, or if they are and you are in effect oustide your country of residence, say on vactions, that might explain it. Strong emphasis on "might". Have a good day, and if it starts working again, do let us know, especially if you figured out what was amiss.
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    I have same problem with app store and iTunes on my iPad. When page in app store or iTunes is loading I see them, but after page was load they stay blank (page is fill with white color) and I unable to see page and tap on links on them. I always use app store and iTunes in same geo location and not change country and my ISP. I gave this problem in february 2011.
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    Absolutely the same problem. Come on appleguys, fix it!