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Please help. I need to know how to get audio and video out of my brand new (Sept. 2010) MacBook Pro and onto my TV. My TV has S-video (or yellow cable) video in and red and white cables audio in. (yes it is old).

Ideally, I'd find a cable with one end USB male and the other end male S-video, red, and white.

Secondarily, does the mini displayport send audio out too or just video?


MacBook Pro 13in, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The mini-displayport on your computer sends both audio and video, but your old TV set won't permit you to make a one-cable connection that carries both. For the video signal only, you'll need a mini-displayport-to-VGA adapter and a converter box like the one linked below, plus an RCA male to RCA male cable to connect the box to the yellow composite video input on the TV set.


    For the audio, you'll need a cable with a stereo mini headphone plug on one end to connect to your MBP's headphone port, and two RCA plugs on the other to connect to the red and white audio inputs on the TV set.