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I am trying to set up an Airport at my girlfriend's house using a new Airport Extreme. I can set everything up hooked to my MacBook. Of course the most important part does not work, wi-fi. She uses Comcast for her internet service. Comcast has issued her a Arris cable modem. The model number is TM602G/CT. The number may not be exactly correct as I was trying to read it as it sat behind the desk

I've not called Comcast yet as my past experience dealing with there customer service was less than helpful

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Welcome to the discussions!

    Cable modems must be completely reset any time there is a change in the device that the modem is connected to. The reason for this is that the modem "remembers" the device. If you had the modem connected to the computer and did not fully reset the modem, it is still looking for the computer. When it does not find it, it will not connect. You need to make the modem "forget" the computer. Here's how:

    Push the reset button on the modem
    Power it off immediately
    Pull the battery if it is easily accessible
    Wait 30 minutes

    Power off the AirPort Extreme and everything else as well.

    Connect the Modem to the AirPort Extreme with the ethernet cable
    Power up the modem first and let it run by itself for 4-5 minutes
    Then power up the AirPort Extreme the same way
    Then power up your other devices the same way

    The modem should now associate with the AirPort Extreme so that you can configure it and obtain an internet connection.

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    Of course the most important part does not work, wi-fi.

    Does that mean you can get Internet access if connected to the 802.11n AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBSn) by Ethernet? Just not wireless?
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    Thank you very much. worked like a champ. in fact I'm posting this using my MacBook with wifi