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I just got my new iPhone 4 and would love to give my old 3GS to my girlfriend. All I try to do does not activate the phone for her, although the provider says it should work.
So, I thought, there might be a problem activating it, because I registered it to Apple as my iPhone. Is there a chance, that this could be the reason for not activating under a new phone number and, how can I delete the registration?
Thank you for your trouble

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  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)
    If there was a way to delete the existing registration, you would have to contact Apple directly to make that happen.

    That being said, the registration with Apple has absolutely nothing to do with whether you can activate the device or use it on a cellular providers network.

    Is the phone activated? If not, what happens when you try to activate it?
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    Hi diesel vdub,
    thank you for your help. This at least gives me the information, that the trouble is not caused by Apple or the registration.
    Anyway. After putting the sim card in, the iphone just shows one reception bar that's it.
    When trying to activate it with iTunes it continues to try to connect but fails. Even though I can connect to the iTunes Store at the same time without problems.
    Any idea?