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okay, what i want to find is how ( and there better be a way, couse i am ****** ), how can i get my voice memo from iphone to computer. I have a very important lecture recorded, the issue is that now i am using a different laptop and my iphone is not sync with my new laptop's itunes library.
I was using itunes 9.1 or smth, and when i first connected my iphone, after recording memo ( to my new laptop ) it wrote a new voice memo is detected or something do you want to copy it, i pressed yes, and it copied the voice memo, i listened to it and then i deleted it, because i thought that the sound quality was better listening on iphone through the headphones then on laptop, but now i need to mail, that voice memo to my friend. That lecture is an hour long so i can't mail through iphone or mms, and when i connect my iphone to itunes the lecture does not appear as new and it doesn't offer to copy it to pc. So is there anyway to get the voice memo to my pc. ( i tried deleting itunes and reinstalling, because i thought, that maybe the reinstalled itunes would detect the voice memo as new, but it didn;t ( **** you apple with your leftovers ... )
Anyway, i really need help with this, hope apple technical staff will be able to answer it, though i doubt they will ...
Anyway, any help is appreciated, thank you in advance guys.

p.s. i can't sync my iphone with new laptop's itunes library because voice memo would be deleted then.

Please help
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