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I've got a custom feed with the following query: (copied from podcast --listfeeds)

(((episode.title like 'XXX %') and (episode.created_at > '2010-05-31') and (episode.created_at < '2011-06-01')))

When podcasts matching this feed complete on podcast producer, I can see them immediately ONLY if I click on one of the built in history feeds, or the submitting users feed but the custom feed I created will not show them for many hours. I assume podcast producer clears out some cache daily. Is there a way for me to circumvent this, purging the cache myself with a cron job?

A custom feed using just episode.title like 'XXX %' also will show the podcast immediately, there's something about the date range qualification that seems to delay things and I don't know why.

doing pcastconfig --sync_library does not fix it.

any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

dual g5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)