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Hello team,

I wondered where I could send a suggestion about the online Apple Store (in my case Apple Store Luxembourg).

I'm afraid that a lot of people, like myself, are not buying Apple desktop computers on the Luxembourg Apple Store because they cannot select one of the most popular keyboard layouts. I refer to the SF (Swiss-French QWERTZ) keyboard, with French accents and German Umlauts.
In Luxembourg, we've got 3 official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German and everybody can speak or write in these languages. A lot of people use that keyboard over here.
I do not know the implications of such a change on the web site and if it is even possible to implement. But it would be nice, as an old Apple user (started with a new Apple IIe), to carry out my first online acquisition of an Apple computer.

Thanks a lot for reading me.

Best regards,

Laurent Dumas.
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

P.S. Thanks a lot for the Luxembourg Apple Store (online). Looking forward to see a version made out of bricks and mortar.

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    Laurent, you can choose your keyboard in French, and then use keyboard viewer to get the umlauts etc., or you can simply insert the using character palette. You could also order a keyboard from the Swiss Apple store and have them send it to you in Luxembourg.

    Have you contacted the Luxembourg online store or called the Apple number for it or the Swiss store?

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    You must be kidding.
    I won't even answer your question.
    Maybe I should move to Switzerland?

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    I fail to understand why you are so upset. If you need a particular keyboard, surely trying to get one anywhere you can is not such a ridiculous idea?

    I understand that you would like the board to be available in Luxembourg, and as I suggested, you should contact your local Apple representative. but in the meantime, if you want/need the keyboard, then it would be logical to order one from a place that has them. (my mother lives in St Gallen, perhaps I can get her to send you one? )

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    Hi Laurent,

    This being a User To User Forum, you are not addressing Apple directly.
    Respondents are Apple product end users such as yourself.

    You can submit your suggestions using one of the forms from here Apple Product Feedback.
    Select an item and click to access a form.

    Or here Website Feedback.

    Also review Contacter Apple for additional means of communication.

    ali b
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    Dear Ali B,

    I hope "everybody" will accept my apology.

    I did address (or direct ?) my first post to forum users (I thought), but I guess my English is too week yet to understand and apply its subtlelty.

    Thank you for your kind answer.

    Best regards.
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    You're Very Welcome Laurent!

    And there is no need for apologies.
    I hope that any communication you initiate with Apple will bear fruit for you. Pun intended.

    ali b
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    Laurent, your English is excellent and very well understood. The matter of a bricks and mortar store is purely a business decision for Apple. We users can really offer no help in that area.

    Having lived in Paris, I am amazed at the popularity of Apple products in Europe. I especially like the
    Zurich store...outstanding level of inventory...and very helpful staff. Miriam did suggest good options in the interim.

    Best wishes and make suggestions to Apple, Inc...
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    Think I heard of those...

    Oh yes I remember. Computers sold by some firm for the States who remembered the rest of the world was here.

    11:03 PM Saturday; October 16, 2010
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    +Computers sold by some firm for the States who remembered the rest of the world was here.+

    Hi Ralph (UK),

    Frankly, the Apple store on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich is hardly an after thought. It is a fantastic place to just spend a couple hours.

    I have never had the impression of Europe being a second class citizen with Apple.

    Ralph (US)

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    It was more your phraseology in this bit:-

    Having lived in Paris, I am amazed at the popularity of Apple products in Europe.

    I started using Macs back in 1991 and bought one very soon afterwards.
    It's use was a given (or at least that you handed in typed work was). Everyone on the course I was on was given a 3 hour period in a Mac Lab (at what was then a Higher Education College - later to become a University) using an A4 (8.25 X 11.75 in) to teach you how to Log On and open Claris and do Save, Cut and Paste and so on.

    There were a fair few Apple Resellers at the time. (Price here has always been an issue).

    A Local Mac Users Group was a little slower and did not take off until about the year 2000.

    Mac has always seemed to have aimed at those with more disposable income. Which in turn tends to point to higher education and therefore higher earnings. (I have seen surveys that put the spin the other way round - Mac users are brighter, more educated and earn more then their PC Rivals).

    The Original Bondi Blue iMac did here what it seems to have done everywhere else - got people to buy it just because it was Blue (And all that in turn that that represented - iconic, stylish, different)

    From my view the interest has always been there. The main issue has been getting it front of kids to be able to use them. As the School and Further and Higher Education establishments have been working to budgets PCs have tended to feature, although there have always been exceptions mainly to do with the Graphics industry.

    I would say several things have happened since:-
    The dollar has fallen to match more closely the Euro and the Pound.

    Apple seem to have caught on that people know the exchange rate and putting the local currency in front of the amount charged (at one time when the dollar was 2 to the pound something would cost £1200 here whilst only $1200 in the States).

    The things that have led from Steve's return from Product Design to the Apple Stores and of course not forgetting iTunes.

    Right now most people seem to be buying Macs as they are fed up with the situation about Viruses and the like.

    I am amazed about how many people hung on through the difficult times that Apple had.

    It would be interesting to know:-
    The amount of people through a Store's doors that actually buy a computer ?
    How much "playing" time in a Store does it take to convince someone to buy a Mac ?
    How many go to a Store just to say they have been ?

    Anyway it was just my take on what I thought you meant or rather what I thought you said and how I read it that I was poking a little bit of fun at.

    7:53 PM Sunday; October 17, 2010
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    I have been using Apple products since the IIe...which I still have and it still works. Have been forced to get a PC laptop for compatibility with certain work security software...which I have found to not be true and have found my iMac handles very well, thank you!

    Europe is always a surprise to me in many ways...such as the Apple store in Zurich that makes the ones in my area seem small and understocked...just love to go there when I am in Zurich to find all the little goodies I don't get to see here.

    And the Europeans I deal with, the technical community, seem to use an even mix of PC and Mac laptops. And in meetings it is unusual to find a meeting room that does NOT have WiFi available for all attendees. And whole areas in cities that are WiFi hot...we are in some ways brainwashed on this side of the pond to think we are THE world leaders in technology.

    Anyway, enough rambling, or is it philosophysing?
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    Yep we were rambling

    10:24 PM Sunday; October 17, 2010
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    butterfly effect ?

    thanks and cheers, I guess.