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    I meant audio is output directly via computer and can be controlled the same way. Apple TV does not do this but only outputs via Tv OT receiver and is controlled in that manner.



    It did not work for you so you returned it. That's fine

  • blueeos Level 1 Level 1 (70 points)

    I for one have stppped notifications from this thread.  Mainly because I'm not AFRAID of my big bad TV remote control that was DESIGNED for volume control among other uses and works just fine. 


    I probably should note that I get most of my TV videos from DirecTV with occasional rental/purchases via iTunes and my Apple TV. 

  • svcarney Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Interestingly enough, if I click and hold the menu button, my TV volume decreases.


    I haven't figured out if this is a glitch, or it's the type of tv I have (LED LG LS3400), but I can't figure out how to raise the volume. Convenient, since the Apple TV volume is usually louder than when it is playing my cable, but frustrating that I can do one without the other.

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    TGibbs, I appreciate your info (years later, go figure!). I've never had an Apple TV before, and I'm doing some pre-buy research. I was planning on using it with a regular computer monitor rather than an actual "TV", thus my interest in the questions regarding audio, which in my case would need to be routed to other devices. It would be nice if I could have a single remote that controls both the ATV ~and~ the audio, but as you point out, that's not going to be Apple's sweet little remote. So as long as a universal remote can be configured to also control the ATV, then I might be ok. It does become rather more complicated than what I had in mind though: Apple TV, monitor, speakers. It just doesn't work that way, which is a bit sad. I need to rethink this.

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    Well, it's not quite that simple. The new Apple TV is designed for streaming - it doesn't have any local storage - so if you're streaming off of your laptop or desktop, you have a volume control (it's basically the one built into iTunes), but you control it with the remote app on your iPhone or iPod touch. Don't know if the actual remote that comes with the Apple TV can control this, I never use it, but I would guess the answer would be no.


    The only time that doesn't work is if you're streaming from iCloud, in which case there's no volume control on the remote app either.

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    ".. so if you're streaming off of your laptop or desktop, you have a volume control (it's basically the one built into iTunes),..."


    ok this might pass me as thick but i am streaming from my desktop (iMac) but can't seem to find the volume control... PLS HELP!

    i have the latest "remote app" and latest ATV software version..

  • nwriko2 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    ok this is very strange but perhaps someone has an answer.. I noticed from a screen shot of the "remote" App on the App Store that the volume controls appears below the album cover beneath the fast forward, play/pause and rewind options but not on mine... and I'm NOT streaming from iCloud since I don't even have an iTunes Match account... anyone?

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    It will if the remote is connected to iTunes or an Airport Express.

    Just not when connected to an AppleTV (even if the ATV) is playing from a copy of iTunes on the network vs iTunes Match.

  • nwriko2 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    hi and thank you for trying but...


    pls walk me through what i need to do. I'm using my iphone as remote (through the remote app) my itunes library is streamed from my iTunes desktop to the ATV wirelessly (Time Capsule). How do i go about connecting the remote (iPhone) with iTunes or Airport Express (TImeCapsule) a supposed to directly to the ATV (which is what i believe i'm doing at the moment)?

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    Ok, assuming you have home sharing turned on in iTunes, when you back all the way out on the iphone remote app with the button in the upper left, you should see two (at least) items to connect to.  Your Apple TV and your iTunes collection.


    Click on your iTunes collection.  Now your remote is controlling iTunes.

    At the very bottom of the remote you should see a slider for Volume and the Air Sharing icon to select the output for iTunes.  When you add in your AppleTV as a playback device you should hear the music coming from the speakers attached to the AppleTV.


    Except now you can control the volume with that slider at the bottom of the remote.

    You can also play directly from the iPhone music app to the AppleTV with the same Air Sharing icon and use the phone volume controls to control volume.


    You just can't use the remote app connected directly to the AppleTV and control the volume, regardless if it's playing from iTunes Match, or a copy of iTunes on the network with Home Sharing turned on.

  • nwriko2 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)



    it worked



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    When you are watching or listening to content in an airplay friendly app, you can press and hold select, then a dialog will pop up. When you are in an audio app, the speaker option is clear - when in a video app (like Netflix) there are two menu lists at the top i.e. 'subtitles' and 'speakers'. Either way, select it, them your desired speakers, and here you will see an audio level scrubber. You can do all of this with the apple remote. Adjust, and enjoy!

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    How is that relavant to the apple remote?

    you can't "airplay" from the remote, and there's no airplay icon in th app.

  • tommylikey Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    You want to use the remote for volume adjustment, right? It seems there's a mix in the thread between the aluminum hardware remote versus the remote app, but there's a response above for the app.  Clearly there are no hardware buttons on the aluminum remote for this (but a home button would be more useful if we're adding buttons), but this is a way to adjust volume when playing any apple TV media that i've tested so far.


    There is an airplay icon inside any media playback app - it's located on the timeline scrubber for videos, and is usually a stand-alone icon inside music playback apps, i.e. Radio.  But you don't even need the timeline etc. and don't need to navigate/select/highlight the airplay icon anyway. Just press and hold the center 'Select' button while media is playing and you get a sub menu for subtitles and/or speakers. 


    True, it pauses video and leaves the playback screen but that's the solution for now, i suppose.  and it beats using two remotes, getting up to adjust computer speakers, or having unbearably low or 'preset' audio on anything airplayed direct FROM apple TV which are the issues i've encountered. 

  • craigfromcoquitlam Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    No. That's not the issue being discussed here.

    Not the Apple remote. The Apple Remote APPLICATION - on an iPhone/ ipad.


    If I'm air playing content to an Apple TV, I'll use use the hardware volume buttons on the phone/ipad.


    The issue is that the apple remote app connected to an appletv 1, has a volume slider in the app.

    The remote app with all versions of Apple TV, has a volume slider onscreen if you're connected to iTunes and air playing to an Apple TV.


    But once you connect the apple remote app to a 2/3 gen Apple TV, the volume slider disappears.

    There's now no way to control volume when you aren't in the room.



    oh and there is a home button function on the physical apple remote. It's a long press on the menu button.

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