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I just bought a Macbook Pro and Airport Extreme. I have an existing wireless g network using a URS9106 ADSL modem/router. I set up the Extreme in bridge mode and connected the Mac Pro to it, leaving my existing network intact.

So I should have a fast n network for my Pro and the existing 'slower' network for my g devices (WinXp laptop, Squeezebox v2, HP Photosmart printer, iPhone, PS3, Archos 605. However, side by side, downloading the same file from the same site the Mac Pro is at least, consistently, 5 times slower than the WinXp machine.

Can someone please explain?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iMac, Airport Extreme, PS3, Squeezebox v2, Archos 605 WiFi, iPhone 3GS
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    No response as yet but I can add a little further information. Using the tool www.speedtest.net I conducted Internet speed tests from my MacBook Pro and repeated the test following various environmental and configuration changes.

    As stated previously download speeds on the MB/AirPort Extreme n-network where the MP is the only node are consistently around five (5) times slower than an XP Pro laptop on my g-network. So here are the non-numerical results of my tests:

    Note the AE is practically line-of-site to the MB, no concrete walls intervening, distance about 15 feet. The USR router is channel 9, the AE is channel 1.

    1. Set the AE to n-only (5Ghz): No improvement
    2. Set the AE to n-only (2.4GHz) : No improvement
    3. Set the AE to g-only : No improvement
    4. Switch off my cordless phone (reduce potential interference) : no improvement
    5. Switch the MB to the USR wireless g network : downloads improve to the same level as the XP Pro machine.

    Conclusion: Apple's hardware, firmware of software implementation of wireless on the AE is seriously flawed.
    I noted that ping times in the speedtest were 25% higher via the AE, which has a Gigabit wired connection to the USR via the WAN port and is in Bridge mode.

    Any ideas?
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    I found the solution. Purchase NetGear NAS and use it to share iTunes library, stream other media and also use it for Time Machine backups. Works a treat. Cable my apartment using NetGear PowerLine Ethernet over Power adapters. A little pricey but seriously good, consistent performance. Sell Apple Airport Extreme to some poor sap and voila, home networking that works.. for me anyway.
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    Whoops! thought I was in an intelligent Apple users forum but seem to have stumbled into the kindergarten judging by this response. Grow up.
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    Really Mike Sanders3? Which part didn't you like? I don't see any practical solution in your response to my issue and despite your assertion I have spent some time 'growing up'.




    P.S. the endorsement of your response was mine - very helpful.

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    mike sanders3... not helpful in any way... Please take your insults to another forum.


    Fatb0y; I have the same issue with my MacBook Pro. If I reboot the AE it is fine for a while, but then things slow down again at some point. That is, if I am using it as a router. I had been using it in bridged mode, but after having dissappointing results with Pogoplug, I thought I would try using the AE for cloud drive sharing.


    By any chance, where you using the access restrictions function? I am trying to narrow down the issue. I am sorry to hear that you had to get rid of it, but I completely understand.

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    Hi Wookish, from memory I wasn't using access restrictions. I removed any possible impediments to performance in an effort to narrow down the cause of the issue. Let me know if you manage to find a solution. I still love Apple products but the AE gave me heartburn.

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    Let's keep the comments civil and useful, Mike.