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  • rainy82 Level 1 (0 points)
    Problem occured again this morning, optical cable not plugged. Seems like yesterday I just had luck once. Already changed mode from PC to HDMI and vise versa. Happened with both settings. Guess I'm gonna call the online store for another unit. Anyway, I'm afraid it won't help either since it worked fine when trying it with another TV. Can't explain though why my TV shouldn't be compatible with an ATV2 as it works fine with any other HDMI device connected to it.
  • stuntman_mike Level 1 (0 points)
    I've got the same problem also with a Philips LCD (8404). After checking different HDMI ports and cables, which did not change anything, I changed the setting for the audio option - turn optical audio off (I do not use optical audio in this setup). At the same time I switched the stand-by timer off. Yesterday it seems that the problem was gone, but I cannot tell which of the two settings made it. Will check later today.

  • nomawie23 Level 1 (0 points)
    Same problem here I guess... I use a Philips 46PFL9704. Thats the way it looks

    Must be a problem with the AppleTV. Other devices with the same HDMI-Cable work fine.
    Apple, this is really bad work of you if the source of the problem isn't damaged hardware. Hoping to see a new firmware release in the next few days!!
  • Arcade99 Level 1 (10 points)
    Your Pic looks so familiar
  • HeyJP Level 4 (2,385 points)
    I have had an AppleTV-1 for 2 years connected to 2-year old Sony XBR 40". Worked great. Also, my Sony works with DirecTV and Sony BluRay over HDMI perfect.

    Got my ATV2 yesterday and replaced the ATV1: used same Digital Audio and HDMI cable that worked fine on ATV1.

    Every minute or so I get a black screen on the Sony TV for 1-2 seconds, then goes back to normal. Sometimes, after black, I get a 1/10th second of snow too.

    Again, using same HDMI cable (bought at Apple Store) that worked fine for Apple TV 1st Gen.

  • nomawie23 Level 1 (0 points)
    I combined the AppleTV with my Samsung T260HD using the same HDMI cable and had no problems in the last hours. I am not pretty sure which HDMI version is used in my Samsung but regarded to Amazon, it should be HDMI V1.3. The same as in my Philips TV.
    So the problem seems to be neither a hardware issue nor an issue related to the HDMI version.

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  • Arcade99 Level 1 (10 points)
    It's obviously an issue with HDMI compatibility between ATV2 and a couple different TVs. Especially Philips...
  • nomawie23 Level 1 (0 points)
    Maybe you are right but I wonder why this problem seems to affect only the Apple TV which was delivered in Germany ...
  • ledario Level 1 (20 points)
    I have a Phillips 42-inch plasma display. The screen color has magenta instead of black when connected to ATV2.

    I have tried a different ATV2, different HDMI cable, but the problem persists.
  • rainy82 Level 1 (0 points)
    That's exactly what's been on my mind, too (the "German-only" problem). Already thought about switching to English language for a trial whether or not this bug is a malfunction within the German language option of the firmware (even though it sounds a little weird). Gonna try that later this evening. Will post my results later.
  • Arcade99 Level 1 (10 points)
    It would Be too easy if is was in Connection with a German Version. there isn't a Special German Version but only a different power plug and icant't Imagine that is has anything to do with the Language Setting.

    I think this Kombination of ATV and Philips TV is Quitte populär in Germany. Does anybody Know how populär Philips TVs are in the US? i never had a Philips TV in any of my Hotel Roms in the US. A d there are at least a few from Outsider Germany in this thread with this Problem.
  • rainy82 Level 1 (0 points)
    Yep, tried it. Didn't fix it - as I expected.
  • Arcade99 Level 1 (10 points)
    I hate the auto correction of my iPad with German Language... Sorry
  • seiz Level 1 (0 points)
    Same Problem here. Greenish, magentaish picture. Putting ATV to sleep and waking it up solves the problem. I have a 42" philips LCD connected via hdmi only. Hoping for an ATV software update soon or I'll have to return the unit.
  • stuntman_mike Level 1 (0 points)
    occurred again

    So no simple solution.
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