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    It's a Sony KDL37S500, but I don't see a XMB interface, how do I get there?

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    is it an S5500? I can't find your model on the sony website but here is the manual for the 5500, maybe there is a similar option?



  • hobx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry I couldn't be more help. The xmb interface only started from some models onwards, so you may not have it.

  • rJUUSO Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)



    I had flickering problem with my Sony Bravia KDL-32W4000 and ATV2. It was quite random flickering and sometimes even short (1-3 seconds) cuts in HDMI signal. But I got it fixed by upgrading ATV2 from 4.3 to 4.4.3 and changing Sony's screen area setting from full (overscan) to normal. Even ATV2 is now upgraded v. 4.4.3, screen is still flickering when using overscan view, but with normal view it seems to be fine, at least so far...

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    Thanks for your help, you've certainly explained why the issue is happening.


    I have investigated all menus now on the KDL37S5500 (yes I missed a letter out before), and there is no sign of a overscan or pixelmapping mode option. 


    I have even been in the service menu [i > 5 > +VOL > Power (though on this TV it must be done when it is on]. There were lots of options but again nothing refering to this.


    I may have to contact Sony, not mention the Apple TV (they just moan about other companies then) and ask to disable my overscan.


    I'm not sure what to do now!

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    THE ANSWER: (from someone else - but it solved everything) To get rid of the pink screen on your AppleTV  just go to SETTINGS.  Then HDMI OUTPUT and select either HIGH OR LOW.  It defaults to "Auto" which may be incorrect for your TV set. The tell tail sign for me was that when I restarted Apple TV, the screen and the Apple logo were in black and white (showing properly) so I knew the cables were also working properly. Then it would all go pink. The set would go pink when the "Auto" setting was turned on during the booting process. Once I changed the HDMI setting, all was fine. Hope this helps!

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    I have the same problem with the new mini and Philips TV. About time Apple comes up with a solution

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of copy protection.


    Your display may not be on the "approved" list, or was removed from it.


    Apple's Mac lines includes a form of digital copy protection that will prevent protected media, such as DRM-infused iTunes movies, from playing back on devices that aren't compliant with the new priority protection measures.


    The Intel-developed technology is called High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) and aims to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across a variety of display connectors, even if such copying is not in violation of fair use laws.


    Among the connectors supported by the technology are the Mini DisplayPort found on Apple's latest MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, in addition to others such as Digital Visual Interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF), and Unified Display Interface (UDI).


    Apple has apparently acquired a license for the technology and is now using it across its lines to to prevent transmission of purchased iTunes content (and some DVDs) to devices that don't include support for HDCP.


    The problem can often be solved by using an HDMI to Component Video adapter.  Many believe that Component Video will give you a better HD picture than HDMI without any of the hassles of HDCP.



    Generally try to avoid using HDMI.   When able, use Component Video.  With Component Video you get full HD quality and you will never have HDCP hassles (which of course is why Hollywood wants to ban it).



    However sometimes a display can be HDCP certified and then later be removed from the certified list. So purchasing a new display may not be a permanent solution.

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    I have the same problem watching the movie having my 15" MacBook Pro (2011) connected to Philips TV. I use MPlayerX as a player. The screen periodically gets green with some pink cast and sometimes gets back in a few seconds, and sometimes I have to go to my Mac to play with settings to get the screen back.

    Interestingly, if I use my 17" MacBook Pro (mid 2010) I have no such problem.

    In both cases I use the same cable connected to the same HDMI port on TV (the cable is always connected to that port and lays behind the TV), same OS (OS X Lion), same video player, but never had this problem with 17" MacBook Pro (mid 2010) and every time have this problem while using 15" MacBook Pro (2011)

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    I have the same problem on my Philips 42 PFL5404 every a few minutes I get black screen for 2 seconds.

    I have ATV2 with version 5.0.1

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    I've got exactly the same TV set as you and I'm having exactly the same problem, so it's definitely an issue with the ATV2 and the KDL37S5500.


    I also had this problem with an HP Laptop (which the ATV2 replaced) so I think it's a TV issue more than an ATV2 issue.


    I looked on the Sony website and there are no downloads for this model. I'm not sure if the firmware can even be updated.


    It's very frustraiting.


    Did you contact Sony at all?

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    It's certainly these two devices together.  I had an ATV1 and that was fine, and now have 2 ATV2's and both have the issue with the KDL37S5500 Televison, other TVs are fine.  It is a really annoying issue, that has no pattern and is sometimes really bad, other times not so.  It has got better than it was in the beginning, since Apple released updates, now at least it doesn't turn green.


    I have been in contact with Sony and they say it's all Apple's fault and not theirs.  Not very helpful.  I understand from other forums that it is an 'overscan' issue, which is designed for older systems, and that you should disable overscan, however that option isn't available on this TV.


    I also tried putting it through a spliter, that made the signal green.  And am now wondering about putting it through an HDMI to VGA or RGB adaptor, it wouldn't be as high quality but at least I might be able to stop flickering.


    Anyone that wants to buy a Sony KDL37S5500 so that I can buy a rumoured televison set is more than welcome.

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    Can anyone confirm that the ATV3 suffers the same problem as the ATV2?


    I'm tempted to buy an ATV3 for the KDL37S5500 so I can take advantage of 1080p but I'm reluctant to just go out and buy one if this issue has made the transfer from 2 to 3...

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    I'm in the same boat, same TV, same thoughts.  Though you have a very valid reason for return it if you were just to go out and buy one.  Otherwise I wonder if phoning Apple support on this issue again is the thing to do, they may have a solution, they may even help you trade it in.  Let me know how you get on.

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    Hi nbren,


    I bit the bullet yesterday and bought an ATV3 to try on the KDL37S5500.


    Initially I had some problems — I plugged into HDMI 2 and was greeted with a blank screen and 'out of range' message in the top left-hand corner.


    Swapping over to HDMI 3 worked for some reason and I was able to go through the setup screens.


    It did flicker once which made my heart sink but that was before I ran a software update.


    Since updating to the latest software version the flickering appears to have stopped and it's also working on HDMI 2 (I'm not sure if the two are related or if it's a coincidence).


    I don't want to sate officially that it's fixed as I only used it for an hour last night but early signs are positive, I could never have watched a hour uninterrupted on the ATV2!