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Hey guys.

So earlier, I was just sitting on my couch, took out my iPhone, looked at the clock and slipped it back into my pocket. Two minutes after when I took the phone out again, there didn't seem to be any sign of life in this thing.

- So I connected it to my computer, and the only thing happening is that the Apple logo flashes once every 10-15 seconds, else nothing happens.

- Then I tried connecting it to my adapter, but the weirdest thing happened - it shows the USB port pointing towards the iTunes sign, like when I first bought it. When I press the info button the IMEI is unknown, and so is the other thing.

I've seen many threads where people have encountered their iPhone won't turning on, and all had tips how to fix it, but none of them worked.

Please help, the iPhone is barely a week old, and I have never dropped the thing.

- Jonas Rom.

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