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Hello smart mac users

I am running a Windows 7 64bit Bootcamp Partition on my 27" iMac (new to Mac).

Can anyone recommend a reliable Anti-Virus software for my Windows 7 Partition?

All the posts I've read about Norton or Mcaffee have been bad....I've not found one good recommendation

I've found multiple recommendations for Microsoft Security Essentials but I'm always shy of free products (you get what you pay for) ...and I read a not so great but not bad review about it online. Comments? Can it really be as safe and reliable as a paid antivirus software?

AVG free anti-virus is also recommened here..

Everything I've read about paid Anti-Virus software on this forum is bad...seems to cause many more problems

I haven't heard anything bad about Kapersky on Windows bootcamp..comments?

Anyone out there using Kapersky / Norton / Mcafee / Sophos / Others with no problems?

I will use Clam Xav for the Mac partition...

I've read on this forum that the bootcamp windows partition is just like running windows on a normal PC...and we should install Anti-virus just like you would on a normal PC....but I've read nothing but bad reviews when installing Norton or Mcafee on the Windows bootcamp partion....please comment

If people can reassure me Microsoft Security Essentials is safe (or another) ..I'll use it...just need convincing it can still provide the protection required..

I will only be using my iMac for work ....I plan on using Paragon NTFS and Paragon HFS+ to simply copy/paste working files between windows and mac partitions

Thanks in advance for any comments/recommendations!

iMac i7 Quad Core 7200RPM 16GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.4), with Windows 7 64bit Bootcamp Partition