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I chose the Bluetooth, "forget this device" option for one of my devices and now I want to re-enable it but the iPhone won't 'see' it. What do I do to get my iPhone to pick it up again?
Thanks for the input.

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    I had this problem with my bluetooth Jawbone earpiece. I accidentally chose "forget this device", and it would no longer pair, even after I reset network setting, reset the phone, and did a complete restore. However, I found this info online, and it worked!!! You must manually force your device to go into pairing mode. Then, your phone will find the device just fine.

    "The first time you turn your Jawbone ICON on it will immediately go into pairing mode. If you need to manually put the Jawbone into pairing mode, start with headset off (slide the power switch to OFF, the position where you cannot see the blue indicator). Press and hold the talk button and slide the power switch to ON. Continue to hold down the talk button until you see the LED light flash red and white, then release the talk button. The headset is now in pairing mode."