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    I have same problem, iTunes store declined my 3!!! valid credit card's now but few days ago i had purchased few items with no problems.
    Please help me.

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    still not fixed. Having same issue. Credit card works everywhere except itunes. Visa told me apple isn't sending them the request at all when itunes claims the card was declined. Its a straight forward software bug that they should have fixed months ago.

    I reported it to support with no response.
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    I have been waiting for apple itunes support to answer for several days since I received their machine generated formletter response telling me they're investigating. Finally after trying everything I could think of I figured it out myself. As suspected and confirmed by Visa, this isn't a problem with the credit card or the credit card information, but an itunes store desktop application bug. First it is displaying a misleading and inaccurate message on entering valid credit card information for an available credit card with more than enough credit (your credit card has been declined). This message implies that apple sent the request to your credit card vendore which wastes your time and the credit card vendor's when you contact them to investigate.

    It turns out the whole issue is caused by poorly coded integration between itunes store desktop application and apple store web application. I found an old apple knowledge base article which said that whenever you update account info on itunes store, it automatically updates apple store.

    What was really happening when itunes store displayed the CC declined message was that it was trying to update apple store's information to match, but the apple store account info has different options and validaiton than the itunes store accounts info (in my case the apple store doesn't have an option for my country Jordan). So when a validation error was encountered by itunes desktop app as it was trying to update apple store information, it just falls back to displaying credit card declined simply because the apple programmers did not bother (too lazy I guess) to take the validation error from the apple store and display it in itunes.

    So what I did was open apple store account management, change my email and save. Then open itunes login with the new email, then itunes will ask me to re-enter account info (not just billing info) this allowed my cc to be accepted immediately.
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    Have you found an answer yet to the credit card problem?
    I have the same problem.
    I am thinking to uninstall and then reinstall iTunes.
    I am in Afghanistan (Bagram, Airfield) and I use the IO Global network from India. I changed my mailing address with my bank and now my credit card is being rejected. I changed the address back to my mailing address but iTunes is still rejecting the credit card.
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    I am having problem. I tried several different credit cards and all are declined. Credit card companies say nothing came through and credit cards all work when purchasing products outside. This pathetic and irritating. I am in overses now and I can open my Itunes but can not buy any applications
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    I am so frustrated with Apple. I think I am going to picket their store this weekend. I own an IPad, IPhone and IPod and now I can't even use itunes! I have put in 7 credit cards and I can't download or update anything. Everything comes back with the same error messages in red: Credit Card Needs Verification OR Credit Card is Declined. I live in the US, so it is not an international problem. What do I do?
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    I tried what you suggested and it didn't work for me. I'm getting really frustrated, and I'm annoyed that they haven't fixed this issue yet. I won't purchase another Apple anything if this keeps up.
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    same problem. I tried 3 different US credit cards.... Changed my email address then back. nothing seems to work. This is very annoying.
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    Actually, I just restored my iphone and it asked me to verify my credit card info that is saved on my itunes account. Then itunes store accepted my credit card and i was able to download freely. I can only assume this is a bug with the new itunes v10.1
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    I am new with apple. I was always oposit to them, but week ago i thought maybe i should give a try. So i bought iPhone 4 - brillient device, i think the best of all smart phones, pdas, ... i ever use... ok thats is it.

    Now reality. Itunes and store.
    After 3 day of use of my new iphone i got stack with payment 'payment declined'. I've read few forums and it look like is common problem.
    Response from support - now waiting 16h, but i see it is typical. U can wait even few day - i like it.

    Getting back to problem. I even register with clickandbuy. They could successfully check my debit card and it is ok. But choosing 'clickandbuy' payment in itunes i got this same problem 'payment declined' how the ** it is posslible.

    So now, only what left for me is waiting for automaticly generated answer from EXPRESS LANE (usually 24h ) support option. Unless someone from apple will have time beetwen christmas shoping and a have look on this topic.
    Do You feel this same, because i got feeling that this support forum is for us to support each other

    I must say it is nice welcome from apple.
    For £500 i got device to make calls, and send text. I think i slightly overpaid. Dont You think
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    Same here,
    I've been trading emails with apple support for over a week.
    I've created new email accounts, tried different credit cards / paypal
    changed the settings of my applestore ID

    My error message has shifted from stating card declined to 'please contact iTunes support to complete this transaction' but a week later and iTunes support isn't very supportive

    I read in a similar thread that a main cause of this error might be trying to create an account with a US billing address from a foreign IP. Given the range of cards and emails I've tried this seems likely.
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    I've had an apple acount for awhile, but never bought anything. I don't have a credit card on file and I have not signd up for ping. I just recieved an itunes gift card and redeemed it with no problem. Now that I want to buy it says I have insufficent funds and would like me to put in a credit card. I don't understand?
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    Yo I had the same problem I just wanted to put my old downloads on my current itouch. I just put my **** to none and it uploaded all of my ****. No questions asked. So all you gotta do is put on there none and boom you will get all ur old stuff put back on but when it comes to adding new **** i have no answer
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    Same issue here too for about a month regardless of the credit card I use or PayPal account. (Wow, I wonder about the sales loss to Apple on not correcting this issue more timely.)