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Seems I've been trying to figure this out forEVER and have searched questions for days with no results. I want to sync my music from my CDs I imported to ITunes to my IPhone. How do I do that? I hook the iphone to computer and it "syncs" but the music does not come from Computer to iphone. When I go to itunes acct to "sync" music from library it tells me i will DELETE everything on iphone with music from library which I do not want either. PLEASE HELP! There has to be a simple way to do this!! This is my first MAC and love it so far til now. Aren't they suppose to be simpler?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    iphone will sync to one computer. If you sync to another, it will first erase the content from the iphone, then replace with content from the new computer.

    Are you trying to sync with a different computer?

    You can either sync or manually manage. If you switch between the two, the the current content will be erased and replaced with whatever you have selected.

    Are you trying to switch between the two?
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    I only have the one computer "macbookpro" . By content do you mean "everything including all apps" on my iphone? I haven't purchased any "itune songs" yet. Just apps on the iphone. No itume songs on my computer either. Just MY CDs that I loaded into library that I want to get on the iphone. ?? I am a total novice at this so sync and manage manually, I do not know what that means? Please give more info. Sorry, but I need ....step by step. Thanks
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    To sync music, open itunes, connect iphone, click the music tab, select sync music, then select the music you want to sync.

    Have a look at the manual: