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Is there any way to allow the AppleTV to access a network location to open iTunes downloaded content. I store my files on these drives, however I do not want to require my Laptop to be present, powered on, and iTunes open just so I can watch content on the AppleTV. I would be happy to authorize my AppleTV as one of my 5 computers allowed to view the content. This seems like a pretty basic function, however I cannot seem to make the AppleTV browse to a location.
I have checked into the open source options but they do not allow playback of itunes content.
The drive on my AppleTV is only 160GB but I have ALOT of video and cannot relocate my airport/disks to the living room to accommodate something that should arguably already work.
This is just asinine. you can download directly to an appletv and play, why not browse to network and play?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If the new ATV could do this I would not be opposed to a new purchase.

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