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keilah Glover Level 1 Level 1
I just bought my iphone today and it having the same problem. It keeps crashing and going to black then restarting. With either a red or yellow color that is coming up over the screen. What's going on and how can I get this phone to work?
  • dark_knight3 Level 1 Level 1
    Follow the steps below to put the iPhone into recovery mode and restore the software:
    1. Unplug the iPhone from the computer and make sure its turned off.
    2. Hold down the home button and plug the iPhone into the computer
    3. Keep holding down the home button until the connect to iTunes screen appears on the phone
    4. Click "Restore" in iTunes
    5. When the iPhone is finished restoring, make sure you set it up as a new iPhone and do not restore from a backup.

    If the problem still happens after following the steps above and restoring the software, take it back to where you bought it and get a replacement because it is most likely faulty hardware.