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i took the chance and bought Aperture. i don't want to go into any of the
complaints here. i just would like to find out how to make ImagePrint work with Aperture.

it looks like Aperture does it's own color management. i think. if i were to
print via Aperture using Epson's driver, i'd have to turn off color managment because Aperture does the color management. no problem there.

however, if i were to print via Aperture using ImagePrint's driver for the Epson
4800, then i'm lost.

in order to print from Aperture, i'd select an image and print command. then i'm presented with a dialog box with all the common printing options. where i'm suppose to select a printer profile, but only the epson 4800 profiles from epson are available and non of the profiles from imageprint. i've confirm that all required profiles are in the appropriate folders inside Library.

it seems that the only way for me to use ImagePrint to print my files is to
export the image from Aperture, and then open the image with ImagePrint to print.

has anyone else who uses the full version of ImagePrint come across this problem? if so, what was your solution?


dual 2.7 ghz powerpc g5, Mac OS X (10.4.3), 8 gb ram and all other standard components from apple's store
  • Richard Blau1 Level 1 Level 1 (30 points)
    Sorry, I only use the non-postscipt version of ImagePrint to a 4800. I rarely need to print postscript files to a photo printer, and if I do, I just open and rasterize in Photoshop.

    It's not want you want to hear, but all you can do is (a) call colorbyte support and ask your question, or just export 16 bit TIFF files (either to a hot folder or otherwise) and print in IP. That works fine for me. Just make sure your color profile stays attached through the export.