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Okay, i got a new iPod Touch 4th Generation yesterday and im having some troubles. (I also have a 3rd Generation)

My first problem is I bought a seperate (not apple) charger for my 3rd generation. its a black USB cord that connects from the iPod to a wall charger. It's been working perfectly and ever since i tired plugging it into my 4th generation, (i had a bit of trouble putting it in the 4th generation, i first thought that it was too small for it, but then with a little, maybe more, force it went it. And ever since i put it in the 4G its been having connection problems, its like connection thing (on the cord) got messed up, and when i go to pick up my iPod (either one) when it's plugged in, it's like it comes unplugged (but it will be in the iPod) if you move it around a certain way (i've learned not to wiggle it, because of the damages it causes) and it will do that (say its unplugged, when it's not) for a couple of times and then on iTunes it says "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error has occured (0xE8000001)" the thing that confuses me is that i DONT own/have an iPhone. so any help on that?

my second problem is that i was hoping to being able to transfer all my apps on my iPod(3rd G) to my new one (iPod 4G) and i am having trouble with that. It's like iTunes isn't putting the app data onto my library, when i plug in my iPod(3G) i'll press transfer purchased apps, and its like it didn't tranfer anything and when i go to my library on iTunes there will be a little "!" next to an app and if you double click on it then it says "The app '___(name)___' could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?" and all the apps that it "cant locate" are STILL on my iPod, and some of the apps that it can't locate are some that i bought.

its a lot of stress that im going thru right now because of these problems, if you can help me out in ANY way possible, can you please do so? thank you very muchh!!!(:

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