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Hu guys, seems that my MacPro 4.1 is not able to start AHT. I tried (pushing the D key down) with Snow Leopard disk and with the original installation disk, but both failed. With Snow Leopard disk Mac act like no disk was inserted, with the installation disk instead My Mac just restart itself completely. The strange thing is that I tried the same on the other iMac (with Snow Leopard) and with its original installation disk it worked. So what can be wrong on my MacPro? Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

-MacPro eight core Nehalem 2.26 12Gb Ram, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iMac 20" 2.0Mhz 2Gb - iPhone4 32Gb
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    It was on the original hard drive; and on OEM DVD only. Either would work with 'D' on startup. It is not on retail OS X DVD like SL 10.6.

    Othere iMac? you need the OEM DVD for the Mac Pro - only.
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    If you need an OEM DVD, call Apple and provide the serial number of your Mac Pro. Period. You don't need 'help.'
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    Just trying to help him save money...as if you remember my original mac pro was a 2009.. as I am now using 2010 parts in my machine. Why do you think I am the neighborhood Mac guru in my home town?

    I fix and diagnose neighbor's mac pros, imacs, etc... using the utilities I bought for 299.99.
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    Ok guys, what you suggest me to do? Asking Apple for a new disk?
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    Hi mayaman,

    "Asking Apple for a new disk?"
    Yes if you do not have the original installation disc for the Mac Pro.

    If you call Apple Customer Service 020-120 1999 71st*, and provide the serial number of the Mac Pro, you may be able to purchase replacement original system discs.
    However, those will be for the version of OS, that was pre-installed when manufactured.
    But, they will contain the bundled software that is not included in a Full Retail Version of a newer OS X. The Apple Hardware Test, specific to the Mac model, will also be included.

    If the original OS, is lower than the current installed version of OS X, you will also need to purchase a corresponding Full Retail Version, of the desired system.

    *Not sure of this #. Obtained it here Contact Apple Sweden.

    ali b
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    If you want to save money... just goto an apple store and if you know someone there they might provide it for you.. I believe the disks are 16 dollars a pop... 30 for the whole set.. which is quite high for a set of two disks though..
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    Hello Again mayaman,

    I have doubts that a retail Apple store would have a set of model specific discs for your particular Mac Pro in stock.

    ali b