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I am interested in setting up some management for a buch of devices (20-50).
Now, i am using the iPhone Configurator Utility application to add my ad hoc applications, settings and profiles.

I like this but I want to be able to remotly manage the devices. It there a way to remotly push applications and profiles to the devices?
Also I need to be able to remotly remove and wipe devices.

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    I was reading in the documentation "iPhone in business, mobile device management" that you can send a configuration profile remotly to a device.
    I have created a profile in the iPhone Configuration utility and I want now to distribute it remotly. Do I need to setup a server for this?

    Also, Can I integrate a provisioning profile in the Configuration profile?

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    Hi ,

    Ompah do you got any information on Pushing the Configuration profile to the Device through OTA. I have gone through all the apple Documents related to iPhone on Business, but no information on how the server pushes the Configuration profile to the Device.

    So any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mohammed Sadiq
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    We looked at the same info from Apple, I think that you looked at. My opinion is, ( and I bet it's your opinion as well) is that it's very poorly documented. We require that the profile be encrypted, and while the documentation says it's possible for an encyrpted profile to be delivered wirelessly, we've been told that no one, with one or two exceptions has actually got that to work, without getting some type of MDM software involved.
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    I found the below link helpful in how to deploy the iPhone configuration profile via Active Sync.  It requires that you have a Microsoft Exchange server set up in an Active Directory environment.  I hope this helps.



    Maybe iOS5 will have this feature????