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i just imported all my thousands of old unfiled emails from gmail.com into mail.app. because i am tired of how mail.app appears to be in constant dialog with gmail.com's imap server.

now i have a few folders that have thousands of emails - i took to gmail's do not file in folders philosophy for some time.

will i be able to make mail.app faster if i archive these emails?
if yes, then what is the best way to archive the old mails such that i have access through search.

thank you.

Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    will i be able to make mail.app faster if i archive these emails?

    If by archive you mean remove them from all Mail mailboxes using the Mailbox -> Archive Mailbox command, then no, that won't help you in the way you want. Of course, neither should you keep thousands of e-mails in your Inbox, as that will slow down Mail's ability to display that mailbox (though it shouldn't be significant).

    File those messages away in a mailbox that you never open. Mail won't have to look at them that way, but will still keep them indexed for searching. I've got many thousands of e-mails - every sent and received message since 2005 - filed away in year-dated mailboxes for that very purpose, and Mail is not at all slow for me.
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    thanks @thomas. that is interesting and good to hear. i would much rather that i can search my old emails from within mail.app and not have to go outside into another program.

    there seem to exist programs like eaglefiler and others that handle archiving (mailsteward) of emails and that enable searching on them. have you studied those?
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    I haven't... never felt a need, since Mail does just fine by itself in my experience. Why fix it if it ain't broke?
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    agree with the philosophy.
    just that my mail does not feel as fast as it used to when i first got my machine.

    that said, since i just loaded the mails offline, let me see how it behaves.