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Hi all,
When I screen share via the Finder (vnc), I can choose which (or both) of my two monitors to share.

Many times, however, I screen share via iChat and only want to share the main one: does anyone know how to
"turn off" the second monitor ?


MacPro 2.26gHz, 8core, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (70,520 points)

    Unfortunately you can't (Other than doing so Physically or turning Mirroring back On).

    10:05 PM Monday; October 4, 2010

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    I am not sure if this is the same question as previously asked but...

    Does the remote "sharing" computer ONLY have access to the user account from which iChat is operating? Or does it have access to each and every user on the "shared" computer? It is called screen sharing so I would assume that only the current screen is shared but what happens when the user fast switches between accounts? Will the "new" screen and account be visible/accessible? If not, that's great but will the iChat screen sharing disconnect or log-out when switched between user accounts?

    I would like to utilize the screen sharing function but only if I can create a temporary "dummy" account for security and privacy purposes. And I would like to be able to toggle back and forth between user accounts without losing connection or sharing abilities. Clarification and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 (70,520 points)

    If they are Using the Finder's Go Menu > Go to Server and entering in VNC://(IP Address) to get access you have the Access specified in System Preferences > Sharing > Screen Sharing.

    This can be set to allow Specific People or get them to Ask you.

    If they Login by this method as You they have the same Access you do. (Not only your Home Folder but any other File and folder you can access in normal navigation of your computer - includes System Folders and Mounted Drives)

    If they Login as another User they get the access to your Account in a similar fashion.

    You can set a Password in the Computer Settings that restricts the Control from their end (they can only see where you lead)

    In iChat is is as if you logged in from a second computer. The person if they are Sharing your Screen (they get to see your Screen) they can move the mouse and Click anywhere you can go.

    If you then Use Fast User Switching iChat will do whatever you have set in the iChat > Preferences > General Settings to do when you use Fast User Switching.
    If this is to be Away then in theory they could be looking and messing with all your stuff while you are busy elsewhere.
    (I say "in theory" as I have never actually tested this. I do know that iChat is not Logged Out. They should not be able to see where you go in the other Mac User though)

    And yes, it was a totally different question

    8:23 PM Wednesday; October 13, 2010

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