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I was sent a message from a "friend" on Facebook to see some of his videos. I copied and pasted this to Google; dopervids.comyr.com - Then I got the promt asking if I trusted this, and I said YES, and was taken to page with a still-photo and nothing more...
And now I hear it's a virus, and that my "friend" never sent it to me in the first place...
Did I ingest something? Is there a way to tell...?

Imac, Mac OS X (10.4.1), 2.3 GHz 1.5GB RAM 250GB HD
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    Not a virus - there are NONE that can affect Apple OS X, but maybe malware, for which Facebook, Twitter etc are common sources.

    Unless you actually installed something after using your root password you have come to no harm!
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    "And now I hear it's a virus"

    There are no known viruses for OS X *yet.*

    "Did I ingest something? Is there a way to tell...?"

    Unknown. Download ClamXav which can be found on Cnet Mac Software & MacUpdate download sites. The utility is free.

    Why haven't you updated to OS 10.4.11 & downloaded all the other stuff available through Software Update?

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    According to my software update, I'm current...
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    The last and final version of Tiger is 10.4.11.

    Your signature shows you as using 10.4.1.

    Which makes it confusing for the rest of us trying to offer advice!