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I received a new keyboard for my iPad, but I can't get it to connect. I have gone to Settings / General on my iPad and turned Bluetooth on. I turn on the keyboard, and the green light is blinking. The iPad continues to show the searching symbol next to Devices under Bluetooth. The "Apple Wirelss Keyboard" shows "Not Paired," and under it is "Now Discoverable." Any suggestions on what needs to be done. I already have changed to a new pair of batteries in the keyboard.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    What keyboard it it? The older white Apple one does not pair with the iPad.
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    You could try deleting the Bluetooth .plist file.

    Open a Finder window. Select MacintoshHD the Sidebar on the left. Then open the Library folder then the Preferences folder. Move the com.apple.Bluetooth.plist file to the Trash.

    Restart your iPad and try pairing the keyboard.


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    It is a new Apple Wireless Keyboard, metallic, not white.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I just deleted the bluetooth.plist on the Mac where I am. It didn't change anything. I never connected the keyboard to this Mac, but I did connect it to another. I turned off the Bluetooth on the other Mac, which is at another location. Could that be the problem?
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    You might want to try unpairing it with that other computer (You said it was in another location, but not how close). I had a similar issue with a device and that seemed to clear it up.
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    I will try unpairing it when I can. But by another location, I mean in another city, 75 miles away.
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    Once the green light on the keyboard starts blinking try pressing some keys on the keyboard. I had some problems pairing my keyboard with my iPad and that worked for me.
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    I tried clicking the keys while the green light was flashing, but still nothing. This is very frustrating. I'm not used to these problems with Apple products.
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    Hi - I have just been trying and failing to get my older White apple keyboard to connect with my iPad2. The iPad sees the kb but then says it'nit supported. Has Apple published something that says definitely that they're not compatible?



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    I wonder if people are still having problems with this.


    I'm currently trying to pair one of the old white keyboards with the ipad mini.  It's doing something interesting.


    It shows the keyboard in the list of devices.


    When I tap on it, it looks to be loading.  If I do nothing, it 'times out' and says "Pairing unsuccessful: <name of keyboard> not supported"


    However, if I press enter on the keyboard after a few seconds, 2 windows quickly pop up.


    One says enter xxxx number onto the keyboard, but then before I have time to do so, another window pops up saying "Pairing unsuccessful: make sure <name of keyboard> is ready to pair and the pin code is correct, then try again."


    Seems to be some sort of bug, because it can receive a communication from the keyboard when I press enter.


    Will keep searching!!! btw, I tried this on an ipad mini AND an iPad 2, each with iOS 6.0.1 afaik

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    This issue has been found by umpteen different people here too:


    http://www.tuaw.com/2010/04/05/found-footage-how-to-connect-an-ipad-to-your-exis ting-wireless/

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    I had the same problem. Found out that the Bluetooth connection on roommate's iPad was turned on and prevented my Apple keyboard from connecting to MY iPad. Once he turned his Bluetooth off my iPad found my keyboard and I was able to enter the code requested.