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iPhone 4. I have two of them. This just started last week, and it only happens on one of them. Restored from backup, and restored to factory settings and it still does this:

I sync daily. I have some daily podcasts that get updated. Every time I sync the one phone, when it's done, the button in the lower right corner that says "Sync" changes to two buttons that say "Revert" and "Apply". If I click revert it lets me out. If I click apply, it syncs again, and then has both the "Revert" and "Apply" buttons. If I navigate to another tab in iTunes, it says "You have changed the settings for iPhone "My iPhone". Would you like to apply these changes?" with "Apply" and "Don't Apply" buttons. The thing is that I have NOT changed any settings in any tab on this iPhone. This also coincided last week with the sync duplicating some of my contacts (I synced with Yahoo! Contacts) (to the point where I had 10 copies of some) and deleting other contacts. I restored to factory settings, I switched to Google contacts and that stopped the duplication/deletion of contacts, but it still asks me if I want to revert/apply changes that I have not made?

What's going on with this??

Macbook Pro, Windows 7, iTunes 10.0.1
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