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    thanks for the idea. What I did was just to drag and drop. It keeps the files on both devices.

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    Glad if it helps.

    Drug and drop: where from and where to?

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    I have the same problem of not being able to sync iTunes U courses downloaded from my iPad to my iTunes library. Any idea WHY iTunes U behaves the way?

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    I just ran into this problem today.  I was so ticked.  If I download iTunes U material with iTunes it remains in iTunes and does not sync to my iPhone 4.   If I download iTunes U material to my iPhone 4 it remains on my phone and does not sync to iTunes.  I've spent at least 3-4 hours trying to figure this out.  On June 12, 2012 foresight posted the following:




    As of having the materials subscribed in iPad back in PC, the solution in my case was simple in the end.

    I did a search and found all the iTunes U materials in the folder C:\Users\<myuser>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes U.


    This is so screwed but I'm glad foresight found it.  When I checked my hard drive, not iTunes, it was all there.  I think it's stupid, at least irritating.  Also, I spent 3-4 hours looking for this becuase I was a "good little girl" and only looked at info for iPhones.  I found the answer in the iPad forum

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    Mad thanks!  This works.

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    I take that back.  It does work in locating iTunes U material downloaded to iTunes.  It doesn't sync with my phone.  Sorry.

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    I'm having the same problem. iTunes wont transfer all iTunes U files downloaded on my iPhone to the iTunes library in my PC. This does not happen while transferring apps,music,tones,books. But iTunes U files are partially transferred. I have downloaded about 10 episodes of lectures from my iPhone yesterday, but only 4 were transferred to my PC from iTunes. I can't figure out what's wrong. Any idea??

    I could not find any solution to this problem.

    So I used a alternative software called DiskAid to transfer those iTunes U files from iPhone. And I moved those files to my iTunes U folder in  iTunes Library and finally I added those file to iTunes on PC.

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    Well this discussion has been helpful, but the real answer is simple and just in front of our nose. In order to transfer your purchases correctly, the computer that you are using has to be "Authorize" and log in with your Apple ID to the store.


    So, do as follow:


    1. Sing into you account: Store -> Sign into Apple ID.

    2. Authorized the computer: Store -> Authorize this computer

    3. Transfer purchases: File -> Devices -> Transfer Purchases from "your iDevice"


    Once you do this just take a coffee and some cookies, chill out and wait.


    When the process is done go to iTunes U in your iTunes installation and there would be all your lectures.

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    I SOLVED the problem by going, in Itunes 11.04, to File-->Devices-->Transfer purchase from Ipad (or Iphone).

    Hope this solve your case,  it did solve mine.

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    Thanks, that worked, and I hadn't noticed it before.

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    I'm also having a problem with transferring music.  My computer crashed and I bot a new one.  I'm trying to get my music from my ipad back into the iTunes library.  I have songs that I transferred from CDs and and old iPods.  I called apple and they were unable to help me.  Any suggestions out there?????

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    Interesting. I can confirm this (but I have a Mac, so the directory is slightly different). So, with the media in that folder, now what?

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    I take it back. The files I found were old files.

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    I also cannot copy my iTunes content from my iPad back to my PC. --- My computer is authorized. --- I verified the checkbox is checked to sync *all* iTunes University content. --- I have done a "File > Devices > Transfer purchases...".  --- My other stuff like apps and music transfers no problem. --- My C:\Users\Russ\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\iTunes U\ folder is empty except for one iTunes item from 2010.  And it has been there all along.  I tried a backup per another user's suggestion.  My iPad backed up to the PC no problem -but with no new content on the PC. I'm running latest iOS 8.1.2 as of Dec 17, 2014 on an iPad Air. It just seems broken to me...Apple??