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  • Thierry de Villeneuve Level 1 (125 points)

    Here are some more information. Indeed, I should have provided them.


    First : I still don't know what has damaged my original HD.


    A "Clean Install" is the fix (not the answer to the origin of the problem). I needed a new hard drive because I need to keep it as a reference for the configuration of all the applications I use daily. Even though I use Time Machine to back up my data, I can't back up the setup of my apps. You can' simply copy over all your Application Support and Preferences folders. This simple can't work because some of the setups are tied to one instance of MacOSX. When you install the OS, unique informations such as UUIDs get created and you can fix old prefs to work with a new OS install. I have some 500 Unix apps and modules I need to recompile. I can't just copy them. For instance, some are tied to the dynamic temporary directory in /var/folders.


    Anyways, I needed to keep my original hard drive for reference. Most of the "standard" users of a Mac will be happy with a Clean Install.


    The problem I experienced is crazy: The UI freezes a fraction of a second every 3 to 10 seconds then restart catching up what was delayed during the freeze. On movie playback, it's like when you see a TV ad where actions accelerates to skip non important moment and then slows back down. Here, the frames past the freeze are played back quickly until it catches the lap. All apps were impacted, even the genie effect when the Login Window appear after a reboot. No process hogging CPU, nothing to be monitored ... just "stand still", "catch back", "stand still", "catch back". It's not fun when you move a window on the Desktop : it drops. No fun when you right click : Contextual menu closes .... Just like when somebody is poking you in the back when you try working !


    That problem did a few time not happen on the machine when stored shut down and being cold. I comes up after being warmed-up and RAM loaded. I swore to the repair guys that it could be only a hardware problem. Proof it wasn't :-(


    I also prefered to get a new drive, in case the HD had indeed a nasty hidden interface failure - even though all evidences showed that the original hard drive had no failures (hardware bench tested) and a Clean install (plus new HD) removed the issue.


    I will only get the real end of the story after I clean install the original HD. Problem is that I don't have an DVD with 10.6.8. It's a downgraded Lion machine. AND I can't use Lion because there is no Spaces (I use 16 spaces (2 * 4 on dual displays). But that's another story.


    I had to take two days of vacation the time the machine was under repair and it took me three days to install back all my stuff. I lost 5 days of work.

  • Khfotos Level 1 (0 points)

    Similar problem, freezes and beach ball for up to five minutes at a time,  not able to open more than one app at a time. (i  have grown to hate and dread seeing that beachball) tried a complete reinstall from Leopard,Snow Leopard and Lion, still the same. Then UNPLUGGED the second monitor. mac is now super fast !! opens and closes apps with no delay at all

  • zipain Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Thierry de Villeneuve


    Sorry but your problem have obviously been a hardware failure.. I am actually surprised that you find it to be a software failure.


    Hardware can brake at any point, you dont have to install new software or throw the macbook to the ground. No this can happen at any time my friend.


    Anyways i just wanted to point out, that your problem is a hardware one as swapping in a new hdd solved it, its that simple.

  • Thierry de Villeneuve Level 1 (125 points)

    As you wish it to be Zipain. However, AppleCare refused to consider it a hardware problem and made me pay for the HD replacement.

  • zipain Level 1 (0 points)

    WOW! Wait, WHAT!?


    That is seriously bad service! what the beep. It is obviously a Hardware fault as changeing hdd removes the problem! oh man how in gods name could they put the blame on software/you, man you should really go in there and complain, i would had popped a vein and flip out if they told me its a software issue when changeing hardware fixes the problem!

  • Alemarvi Level 1 (0 points)

    6 months later, I can say that my problem is fixed. It was a software issue and the patch fixed it.

  • zipain Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm, i still got the problem atm. And i dont recall doing a software update before the problem start.


    I can now, though, say that the problem is on apples side, as ive changed harddrive twice, reinstalled lion 4times on 2diffrent drives, changed ram twice.


    Basicly no other solution for me. and i ONLY install stuff i know ive been running with without problems the last 8months, and its apps i need, if i have to give em up, then i cant use my mac for what its bought to do.

  • frankie_v Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you know what?
    Mine only EVER happens if I clear browsing history on Chrome. That's the only ever time I get the pauses every few seconds and have to restart my computer. Isn't that strange?!

  • zipain Level 1 (0 points)

    I stopped using chrome aswel, but still kinda had the problem.


    Then i didnt install norton internet security.


    poof seems problem is gone....


    Tempted to install the norton just to see if its the problem. scared of having to reformat to get back into safety again though ^^


    oh well, need to get my ssd back into my machine as the main OSx deliver!


    Thierry, did u use a Anti-Virus program ?

  • stanoi Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a similar problem with MacBook Pro Autumn 2009, 10.6.8. It just started one day after I brought the system back from sleep, with no upgrades or program installations in the past week or so.


    I tried repair disk and trashing the Finder preferences file but that didn't work. Somebody here mentioned unplugging the second monitor but I haven't used a second monitor in a few months. But I tried to put "0" in the option "Number of Recent Items" in the display icon in the upper-right corner and it seems to be no more freezes. Maybe this is related to the second monitor problems?

  • gregfromoakland Level 1 (15 points)

    I maxed out the RAM on my "problem" machine and the freezes are very much reduced in frequency and length. The increase of RAM was twice the ram.

  • tetefather Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, my similar problem was on page 2, if you'd like to read carefully. The problem was solved when the harddisk was replaced. So that was the faulty piece of hardware. I recommend anyone who his having this problem to immediately take a full backup of their data then have the harddisk replaced with a new one.

  • changesucks Level 1 (0 points)

    I have this problem with my second Macbook!  I have nothing hooked up and I am going crazy.  Every minute or so, the screen will shift to the right and then freeze for 10-15 seconds.  It a 3 week old computer......the SAME thing was happening with the old one!  Can anone help me???????

  • Lawrence Makow Level 1 (5 points)

    Have the same problem on a Mac Pro. The computer will completely freeze for 5 - 10 seconds at a time, during which audio immediately cuts out and then comes back in, starting from where it stopped. This is particularly bad for me because I am doing music composition using a digital audio workstation and obviously when you're doing real-time work these freezes are absolutely unacceptable. I have been using this Mac for a couple of years now and this is a new problem, starting maybe a month or two ago.


    Uusually I notice it when I am using Ableton Live 9 and associated plug ins. I cannot be sure, but it may be related to the use of certain plug ins that use a significant amount of memory (like samplers). Plugs I typically use include Native Instruments Kontakt 5, Toontracks Superior Drummer and MusicLab RealGuitar, RealLPS and the like. All use sampled instruments. I have a memory monitoring utility that shows me how much memory my samples are using, but as I have 24 GB of physical memory, I am usually not anywhere close to using that much memory. Activity Monitor is not helpful.


    OSX 10.7.5. 2 x 2.4 GHz quadcore xeon. Running Time Machine to an external 6TB G-RAID. (I am going to turn time machine off and see if this persists). Also running Google Drive but I turn this off when I'm working.

  • KeepClear Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you!!!! I followed the instructions for the article link that nvadave provided.  It fixed my computer!  I had been working on the issue for almost 2 days solid.  Thank you so much!