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I am trying to download the free Apps, but it will not let me continue without given my credit card details. When googlen this issue I saw that normally there is an option "none" under payment options. I do however not have this option. Is there any workaround?

Thanks a lot.


Ipod Touch, Windows 7
  • Jolly Giant Level 7 (25,440 points)
    make sure you follow the instructions in this support article precisely: _*Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card*_


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    WOuld this work if you already have an registered account and have logged into app store via iphone to that account?

    My problem is I already have an account and my credit card details have expired.
    Whenever I try to download free apps, it keeps on asking me to update my credit card details....
    Why it wants my credit details for a free App, I wouldnt know!
  • DatStaH Level 1 (30 points)
    Just edit your payment details. Where it asks you forthe payment method just select none
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    I want to download free apps but i don't have any credit card. I read your step by step procedures on how to download apps without credit card. my problem is that in the payment option there are only three options mentioned: visa, mastercard, and another one (i don't remember). there is no "NONE" in the payment option. Is there any other way i could download apps without credit card?

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    I have a problem with that.
    I dont have creditcard details because i have none.
    My parents didnt want to fill in theirs. So i created account in US store,
    later when i had a itunes card i put them on a Dutch account.
    Now i have a new coputer and i want to sync but only the apps of my dutch account will sync.
    Somebody knows how to fix?